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Visit the Wildlife Yard in Mirzabaylou Plain

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Mirzabaylou Plain

Mirzabaylou Plain is one of the natural and cultural attractions of Golestan Province, which captivates many tourists each year with its unique beauty. This vast and beautiful plain is located in the northern part of Golestan Province and is recognized as one of its most important areas. With an area of over 91 hectares, Mirzabaylou Plain is a habitat for many animals and deer as part of the Golestan National Park. If you are interested in observing wildlife and various beautiful animals, join us in this article from Eligasht to become more familiar with this beautiful and captivating region.

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Mirzabaylou Plain

The large Mirzabaylou Plain is bordered by the Sorkh Almah Mountains to the north, which itself is a very suitable area for wildlife viewing. This plain is connected to the Asian Highway in the south and is located in the eastern part of Golestan National Park, along the route from Golestan to Bojnurd.

This plain is known as a peaceful and safe area for beloved animals and many others who help preserve the natural cycle. Mirzabaylou Plain is part of Golestan National Park and covers an area of over 91,895 hectares. Currently, this plain is recognized as a protected area for deer in this region.

This area is under strict control and supervision, and any hunting in this area is considered illegal. Even for visiting the area, you need to obtain the necessary permits or refer to authorized tourist groups and institutions to obtain the required licenses for you. Some parts of Golestan National Park are accessible to the public, but others, including Mirzabaylou Plain, require adherence to legal procedures. All of these measures and strictness are taken to protect the wildlife of the region and save them from extinction.


Various Animal Species in Mirzabaylou Plain

The main attraction of Mirzabaylou Plain is the beautiful deer that can be easily seen in the plain. Additionally, various animal species live in Mirzabaylou Plain, including bears, leopards, lynxes, urials, wild goats, wolves, martens, caracals, common foxes, jungle cats, Persian leopards, eagles, snake eagles, marsh snakes, leopard snakes, blind snakes, Persian leopards, sand cats, small-legged jerboas, and dryland turtles. Even the Asian cheetah, which is the desire of many wildlife enthusiasts, has been spotted here.Mirzabaylou Plain

Furthermore, in this area, by observing footprints and other signs left by animals, you can wait in their movement area and capture unique photos without disturbing them. On the other hand, with the protection of this area and the dedicated efforts of its environmental guardians, the number of deer and urials has significantly increased compared to previous years.

Gazella subgutturosa

The deer, scientifically known as Gazella subgutturosa, belongs to the Bovidae family and the Artiodactyla order. One of the distinguishing features of deer is the presence of antlers in males and the absence of antlers in females. Additionally, the underside of their bodies and their hooves are white, and they have relatively long and black-tipped tail hairs. Male deer usually have a protrusion resembling a goiter under their throats.

The natural habitat of deer includes steppe and semi-desert areas, which is why they are abundantly found in Mirzabaylou Plain. Most of the deer in Mirzabaylou Plain can be seen during the day in this area, but occasionally they can also be observed at night. The natural enemies of deer include leopards, wolves, and caracals, so preserving the population of deer in an area is vital for the conservation of the Asian leopard population, which is an endangered species.


Necessary Equipment for Visiting Mirzabaylou Plain

To visit Mirzabaylou Plain, it is better to have the appropriate equipment and supplies with you to enhance your travel experience. The most important items to bring with you are:

– Suitable and comfortable shoes for walking in various areas of the plain.

– Water and beverages to stay hydrated.

– A lightweight bag or backpack to carry small items and drinks.

– Clothing suitable for the weather conditions of the region, including warm clothes in cold seasons and lightweight clothes in hot seasons.

– A camera or mobile phone with extra batteries to capture beautiful moments and create memorable wildlife photographs.

– Map or GPS for guidance on the route.Mirzabaylou Plain

– Waterproof bag to protect important items in case of rain or high humidity.

– Food and snacks for meals.


Who Should Visit Mirzabaylou Plain?

Mirzabaylou Plain is an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and environmentalists. Those seeking a close encounter with animals and expanding their knowledge of biodiversity can visit this area. Additionally, nature and environmental photography enthusiasts can take advantage of the unique beauty of Mirzabaylou Plain to capture their special moments. Individuals looking for a peaceful experience in nature can also enjoy the tranquility and pristine nature of the region through a visit to this area.


Important Notes Before Visiting Mirzabaylou Plain

If you are traveling to Mirzabaylou Plain with a private vehicle, make sure to close all the doors after getting out of the car, as snakes and other reptiles may enter.

  • In hot seasons, be cautious while walking to avoid insect bites and reptiles.
  • To maintain the tranquility of wildlife, avoid making loud noises or wearing clothes that contrast with the natural colors, such as red or orange, as it may scare animals and birds.
  • The more harmonious you are with the nature of an area, the greater chance you will have of seeing animals.


Access to Mirzabaylou Plain

To access Mirzabaylou Plain, after traveling about 40 kilometers from the police station on the Tehran-Bajnord highway, you will see Mirzabaylou Environmental Monitoring Station on the left side of the road. By showing your permit, you can enter the area with the environmental guards. When you enter this area, you will see a large plain ahead, and at the end of it, you will witness a mountainous area known as Alameh. The name “Alameh” is derived from the Turkish word for “apple.”

Mirzabaylou Plain

Final Words

Mirzabaylou Plain, in addition to its natural beauty, has a rich history and culture, making it a place of great attraction. Furthermore, this plain has been able to preserve many animals and species, such as the Asian leopard and deer, as part of the Golestan Forest Park and has been recognized as one of Iran’s valuable wildlife habitats. For this reason, a trip to Mirzabaylou Plain is introduced as a cultural and environmental experience for nature lovers and photographers to become more familiar with the environment and various species of this area.

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1- What is the best time to visit Mirzabaylou Plain?

The best time to visit this place is during the spring and autumn seasons when the weather is mild and pleasant. It is recommended to avoid the hot summer months as temperatures can be high.

2- Can I see wildlife in Mirzabaylou Plain?

Yes, this Plain is known for its diverse wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to see various species, including deer, Asian leopards, and a wide range of bird species. However, it’s important to maintain a respectful distance and avoid disturbing the animals.

3- Are there any facilities or accommodations available in Mirzabaylou Plain?

Mirzabaylou Plain is primarily a natural area with limited infrastructure. There are no specific accommodations within the plain itself. However, nearby towns and cities offer a range of lodging options for visitors. It’s advisable to plan accommodation in advance and make necessary arrangements for a comfortable stay.

4- Can I take photographs in Mirzabaylou Plain?

Yes, photography is allowed there. The plain offers stunning natural landscapes and a chance to capture unique wildlife moments. Make sure to respect the environment, follow any guidelines provided by authorities, and be mindful of not disturbing the animals while taking photographs.

5- Are there any hiking or walking trails in Mirzabaylou Plain?

Mirzabaylou Plain provides ample opportunities for hiking and walking. The vast expanse of the plain allows visitors to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings. However, it’s important to stay on designated paths and follow any safety instructions provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience.


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