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Persian Road Garden in Kish

Persian Road Garden

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Persian Road Garden

Persian Road Garden in Kish is one of the most important tourist attractions that attracts many travelers and tourists from around the world to visit. Kish Island is one of the major tourist destinations in Iran, and with its numerous natural, historical, and recreational attractions, it has a thriving tourism industry. Persian Road Garden is ranked among the top attractions in Kish. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Kish or simply want to learn more about this unique tourist attraction, don’t miss this article from the Eligasht travel magazine. In this article, we intend to tell you about Persian Road Garden, the gem of Iranian tourism.

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Introduction to Persian Road Garden, Kish

The 32-hectare Road Garden is one of the best and most important tourist attractions on Kish Island. Many travelers from all over Iran and abroad make sure not to miss visiting this garden. In fact, other tourist sites and attractions in Kish are merely known as symbols of the island itself and introduce travelers to the island and its history.

However, the Persian Road Garden represents some of the most significant and iconic parts of various cities in Iran. Travelers who come to Kish from abroad can familiarize themselves with many tourist attractions in Iran simply by visiting this complex. The purpose of creating this garden was to acquaint both Iranians and foreign tourists with the different ancient and historical works of Iran. In this beautiful garden, one can have a general overview of various architecture and famous arts from different cities in Iran and become more familiar with Iranian culture.


Different Sections of Persian Road Garden, Kish

Firstly, it should be mentioned that many historical works and various structures of Iran are showcased in this garden to provide travelers with a better understanding of the architecture of different Iranian cities. However, it should be noted that the attractions in this garden are not limited to ancient and historical works alone. The garden also features numerous natural attractions, including rivers, fountains, water channels, and beautiful landscapes. Overall, visitors can observe eight Iranian gardens along with nine gateways. These gateways located in the Persian Road Garden are all famous gateways of different Iranian cities that have been heard by people at least once. These gateways include:


– Quran Gate of Shiraz

– Si-o-Se Pol Gate of Isfahan

– Haruniyeh Gate of Mashhad

– Gate of Raqabad, Kerman

-Pol Dokhtar of Lorestan

-Arg-e Ali Shah, Azerbaijan

-Taq-e Bostan, Kermanshah

-Gate of Shemiran

-Entrance of Tehran National GardenPersian Road Garden

These gateways are among the most valuable historical and ancient monuments of Iran, which can be seen inside this complex. In addition to the mentioned gateways of different cities, many historical and ancient monuments of these cities have been simulated in the Persian Road Garden on Kish Island, allowing visitors to have a glimpse of Iranian architecture through these ancient works. Similar parks and complexes to this Road Garden can be found throughout Iran and the world, but this complex is one of the most beautiful gardens of its kind.


Symbol of Persian Road Garden

The symbol of the Persian Road Garden is a beautiful structure created by Majid Pazouki, a skilled and talented Iranian artist. The symbol is not very large, with approximate dimensions of 90 cm in length and 35 cm in width. However, due to its bronze material and filled interior, it weighs 25 kilograms. In total, nine replicas of this symbol can be seen in this Road Garden. Each of these symbols is placed in front of an important Iranian gateway in the complex and provides a brief explanation to the visitors. The design of this symbol is simple yet captivating, attracting many people with its beauty.

Persian Road Garden

Festivals in the road garden

The Persian Road Garden offers not only its natural beauty but also hosts festivals and competitions that attract numerous tourists. These events feature traditional Iranian music performances and the sale of local handicrafts and sweets from different cities across Iran. Visitors can enjoy lively programs and various competitions held every evening, such as sound imitation contests, children’s games, and stand-up comedy shows.


Nearby attractions

Furthermore, the Persian Road Garden is conveniently located near several other attractions in Kish. These include the Kish Grand Recreational Pier, Penguin Tourist Complex, Mika Mall Cable Car, Historical Water Reservoir of Kish Island, Damoon Beach, Kish Eiffel Tower, Kariz Underground City, Kish Parasailing, City Park, and Ahoura Beach.

Persian Road Garden

The best time to visit Road Garden in Kish

Due to the presence of a river and water features throughout the Persian Road Garden, even during the hot season, the weather in this garden will be cooler compared to other areas of the island. However, if the heat bothers you, it’s best to visit during the autumn season when the weather is cool but still allows you to enjoy the natural beauty. To be able to see most of the garden in daylight, it’s better to visit the Persian Road Garden in the early hours of the day.


Nearby hotels

For those planning their stay in Kish, it is advisable to consider the proximity of hotels to the Persian Road Garden and other tourist attractions. Some of the hotels situated near this garden are Goldis Hotel, Amir Kabir Hotel, Lotus Hotel, and Fanous Hotel. Fanous Hotel, in particular, is conveniently located close to Saadi Square.


Location and access routes to Kish Road Garden

The Persian Road Garden is a land of approximately 32 hectares that starts from Saadi Square and continues to Hormoz Square. To reach this garden, you can use a private vehicle or public transportation on the island, such as buses and taxis. Many tourist tours within the garden showcase its various sections. By booking these tours, you can not only visit the Road Garden but also become familiar with the explanations related to its different sections. To visit the natural sections and water features of this garden, you should allocate at least half a day. However, if you want to see all the historical attractions and different sections, it is essential to dedicate your entire day to visiting the Road Garden.

Address of Persian Road Garden, Kish: Hormozgan, Kish Island, between Saadi Square and Hormoz Square, Persian Road Garden.

Persian Road Garden

Iran Tour with Eligasht

In this article, we became acquainted with one of the most beautiful and best tourist attractions on Kish Island and in Iran, the Persian Road Garden. This tourist attraction is not only one of the sights to see in Kish but also represents the whole of Iran on this island. In this complex, there are a total of 8 Iranian gardens and 9 gateways representing important and well-known gateways of Iran. In front of each gateway, you can see a beautiful symbol of the Persian Road Garden that provides more information about that specific gateway.

Travelers who want to have a better acquaintance with other attractions throughout Iran during their trip can definitely visit the Road Garden. To learn more about other tourist attractions on Kish Island, the best accommodations, traditional foods, and the best time to visit, don’t miss other articles from Eligasht. We appreciate your companionship until the end of this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where is the Persian Road Garden located in Kish?

The Persian Road Garden is one of the tourist attractions on Kish Island. It starts from Saadi Square and extends to Hormoz Square. It can be accessed by private vehicles, taxis, and public transportation.

2- What sections are there in the Kish Road Garden?

The Kish Road Garden features natural sections such as rivers, water features, and many other areas. Additionally, there are simulated representations of 9 important gateways of Iran and some significant historical artifacts.

3- What is the best time to visit the Persian Road Garden in Kish?

The best time to visit this Road Garden is during early spring, autumn, and winter. It is not recommended to visit during summer due to the hot weather on the island.

4- How many hours are needed for a visit to the Garden?

If you only intend to enjoy the natural beauty of the Persian Road Garden, you will need half a day. However, if you want to explore all the sections, including the historical artifacts, it is recommended to dedicate at least one full day.

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