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What is the Dubai currency? What money should we take on a trip to Dubai and UAE?

Dubai currency

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Dubai currency

Before traveling to Dubai, you should get Dubai money from authorized exchanges so that you can easily make your purchases during your trip to this city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for travelers, and every year many people travel to this big city in the UAE for fun and sightseeing or business trips. the dirham is the currency of the United Arab Emirates, and people in Dubai use the dirham for their daily business transactions.

Foreign tourists can carry UAE dirhams or other common currencies such as dollars or euros when traveling to this city. Due to the touristic nature of Dubai and the high traffic of foreign travelers to this city, many airports and even taxis in this city charge the dollar equivalent of the price of goods and taxi fares instead of dirhams. If you still have a lot of questions about Dubai money, don’t miss this article from Eligasht Tourism magazine to let you know more about Dubai currency.


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What is the currency of Dubai?

If you are going to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, we must tell you that the “Emirati dirham” is the common currency in this country and the city of Dubai, and you must pay the amount in dirhams for shopping, paying taxi fares and other business transactions in this city. The value of the Dubai currency or UAE dirham is about 3.67% lower than the American currency, that is, every US dollar is equal to 4 UAE dirhams. Of course, the exchange rate of Dubai always fluctuates, but this percentage is usually constant with a slight increase or decrease.

Each euro is roughly equivalent to 4.1 percent of the dirham, and the value of the euro is almost 4 times that of the dirham. Therefore, travelers who bring dollars or euros to the UAE have more purchasing power. Foreign travelers of the UAE can go to the active exchange offices at Dubai Airport or the city-wide exchange offices to exchange different types of currency and convert it into UAE dirhams and convert their currency into Dubai money. Of course, note that usually exchange offices take a percentage of your money as a fee when changing currency.

Dubai currency

Types of dirham notes – Dubai money

If you pay attention to the prices listed on the items in Dubai stores, Dubai currency is listed as “AED”. UAE dirhams are available in the form of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 dirhams and 1 dirham, 50, and 25 fels coins. Of course, the 10 fels coin has also been minted by the Central Bank of the Emirates and you can get this coin in some banks and exchange offices. The designs and colors of the UAE dirham banknotes are:

5 dirham banknote in brown color

10 dirham green banknote

A light blue 20 dirham note

50 dirham banknote in purple color

100 dirham banknote in pink color

500 dirham banknote in blue color

1000 dirham banknote in purple brown color

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How much money should we take with us when traveling to Dubai?

If this question has arisen for you, then we must say that foreign travelers in Dubai should have an average of $1,500 with them for a ten-day stay in this city. Of course, if you have Dubai currency (dirham) with you instead of US dollars, you don’t need to go to the exchange.

If the duration of your trip to Dubai is less than ten days, you must have at least 800 US dollars with you for your stay in this country and your daily expenses, this amount is 1500 dollars for two people traveling to the UAE for a week. you should pay attention to the fact that your travel style has a direct impact on costs, and travelers who plan to use luxury facilities during their trip should spend at least 3500 US dollars for a week’s stay in Dubai.


Cash allowed when traveling to Dubai – Dubai Money

Every passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 100,000 UAE dirhams in cash when entering or leaving the UAE. Before 2011, the amount of cash allowed for traveling to Dubai was around 40,000 dirhams, which the central bank of the country increased to 100,000 dirhams in order to fight money laundering. Travelers of Dubai are allowed to bring this amount out of the UAE or into this country in the form of Dubai money without prior notification when entering or leaving this city through the air or sea borders of this country.

All travelers entering Dubai and the UAE must bring cash or other monetary documents with a value of more than 100,000 dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currencies and a traveler’s check by completing the declaration form specified in accordance with the regulations. declare a cash declaration in order to be allowed to enter the UAE.

Dubai currency

Is it better to carry cash or cards when traveling to Dubai?

To answer, we must say that the use of credit cards is quite common in Dubai, and most people in this country use bank cards to pay for their daily purchases and when going to restaurants and shopping centers.

Of course, it is still common to pay in cash for some small expenses such as taxi fare or tips in Dubai, and for convenience, it is better to carry some cash with you in addition to your bank card when traveling to this city so that you can use the facilities more easily. it is better to always keep small bills like 10 or 20 dirhams in your pocket.


What currency should we take with us on a trip to Dubai?

When traveling to Dubai, it is better to have the currency of this country, that is, the UAE dirham, with you so that you can relax and shop in this country. Since most people are given travel currency in dollars or euros for foreign trips, it is better to change your currency to dirhams in the exchange offices of this city for traveling to Dubai. Apart from reputable exchanges, many hotels and shopping centers convert dollars to dirhams. When traveling to Dubai, you can convert your currency into Dubai money as soon as possible and with the lowest fee at the exchange offices of this city.


Using Cash in Dubai

As we mentioned in the previous sections, in most shopping centers and restaurants in Dubai, foreign tourists can easily use bank cards instead of cash, major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are widely accepted in hotels, shops, and Dubai restaurants are accepted. But for some small purchases or to pay some daily expenses, you need Dubai money in cash. Carrying AED 5, 10, or 20 escrows makes it easy for you to make essential payments in Dubai, the most common uses of cash in Dubai include:

Paying a taxi fare: A taxi in the UAE is cheaper than a taxi in Europe or the United States, and it is very easy to find a taxi in Dubai. Usually, tourists pay 5 dirhams per person for short distances in Dubai and 10 dirhams for long distances in this city. Taxi fares in Dubai are paid in cash and you must have cash with you.

Food stores: To buy some simple but necessary necessities such as a bottle of mineral water in Dubai stores, it is necessary to carry cash with you. Make sure you have 5 or 10 dirham coins with you because it is not easy to change money in this city.

Tipping in the hotel or restaurant: If you intend to tip the hotel staff or the waiters in the restaurant, you must have cash with you and after carrying the luggage or presenting the bill in the restaurant, give a 5 or 10 dirham note as a tip.

Dubai currency

The most famous exchanges in Dubai – Dubai currency

There are many exchange offices in Dubai, and in most of the big hotels and shopping centers of this city, it is possible to exchange various currencies into Dubai currency. Of course, some exchanges in Dubai have more credibility and their currency exchange rates are lower. The most famous exchanges in Dubai are:

Al Rostamani Exchange

Sharaf Exchange

Al Fardan Exchange

Al Ansari Exchange

United Arab Emirates International Exchange (UAE Exchange)


Final words

If you plan to travel to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, you should definitely get the currency you need from the exchange offices according to the duration of your stay in this city and your possible expenses. Dubai currency, like other cities in the UAE, is the dirham, and travelers must purchase the Dubai currency from the exchange offices before traveling. Of course, in order to suffer less, we suggest you change your dollars or euros in Dubai exchanges so that you suffer less. To buy plane tickets from different airlines to Dubai, you can visit the plane ticket-buying section of the Eligasht website and with a few simple clicks search for your flight ticket to Dubai and a Get your ticket as soon as possible.

Dubai currency

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How much cash is allowed in Dubai?

Every passenger is allowed to carry at least 100,000 UAE dirhams or their equivalent in other currencies when entering or leaving Dubai, and there is no need to declare this amount officially.


2- How much should we spend for a week’s stay in Dubai?

The average cost of traveling to Dubai for one week per person is between 800 and 1200 US dollars, of course, if you like the quality of your trip to be average, you should take an amount of 1600 to 2400 US dollars with you. for a luxury vacation in Dubai you need to spend at least 4600 US dollars.


3- Do taxis take cash in Dubai?

Dubai taxis accept cash, credit cards, Apple Pay, and special cards to pay for the metro and bus system when paying for taxi fares, although it is more convenient for foreign tourists to pay taxi fares in cash.


4- When is the cheapest month to travel to Dubai?

According to the surveys, the cheapest month to travel to Dubai in terms of flight prices is usually January, and tourists can travel to the UAE and Dubai during this month to save on their travel expenses.


5- Is it possible to book a hotel in Dubai through the Eligasht website?

Yes, you can book a flight ticket to Dubai or book a hotel in Dubai city with the Eligasht website and then go on an exciting trip to this city in the UAE.

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