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Introduction of the best restaurants in Istanbul

best restaurants in Istanbul

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Restaurants in Istanbul are one of the most important entertainments of this beautiful city. They are so diverse and attractive that you don’t know which one to choose. The pleasure of tasting new flavors in different foods is one of the undeniable pleasures of travelers. The glamorous city of Istanbul and walking in its colorful streets will enchant you and make you look at the best restaurants in Istanbul with sparkling eyes.
As a lively and touristic city, Istanbul receives a large number of travelers from all over the world every year. That is why there are many different restaurants in this city in different styles and you can Just find the restaurant you like. In this article from Eligasht, we intend to introduce you to the best restaurants in Istanbul. You can leave your diet without worrying about gaining weight during this trip through delicious food.



Lokanta Maya Restaurant

If you see a long line in front of a restaurant, don’t doubt that it is probably Lokanta Maya. This restaurant is managed by a famous chef and restaurant offers new Turkish dishes and special seasonal dishes.
The recipes used in Lokanta Maya are special and popular. The guests of the restaurant were interested to know the recipe for some of the dishes of Lokanta Maya restaurant. what foods Mojush and Zucchini Fritters.
The recipes of these two dishes were so well received that the chef wrote their recipe on the mirror of the restaurant. These days, the fame of Lokanta Maya restaurant is heard as one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

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Istanbul 360 restaurant, dining with a panoramic view

Istanbul 360 restaurant is not only a place to have a meal. If you are interested in panoramic views, especially at night, this place is an attraction for you. This restaurant is located on the 19th floor and in the penthouse of one of the oldest and most important buildings in Istanbul, where you can see from Istiklal Street to the Bosphorus Bridge while eating.
In addition to the beautiful view of the restaurant, traditional and modern Turkish dishes are served in this place. The restaurant’s seasoned smoked chicken and shrimps are very famous and offer you a unique and of course fresh taste. On the last days of the week, the restaurant becomes one of the most attractive parts of Istanbul. The combination of music and unrivaled and fresh food makes Istanbul360 one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. Istanbul 360 restaurant welcomes you from 12 noon to 2 midnight.

best restaurants in Istanbul

Nicole Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Istanbul is Nicole Restaurant. This restaurant has an attractive menu that you will be more hungry after seeing it. The clever combination of Turkish and French cooking in this restaurant has created a special taste in the food. A woman named Aileen Yazigioglu started this restaurant with love and now as a claimant, she considers her restaurant to be the first restaurant in Turkey to receive a Michelin star. Also, the menu of this restaurant changes after six weeks to offer seasonal dishes to its customers.
Nicole restaurant has a large and pleasant atmosphere. Its large terrace provides you with a very cozy atmosphere and by sitting there you can enjoy your food and the beautiful view in front of your eyes at the same time. Turkish, European, and international dishes are also served in this place. If you were planning to go to Nicole restaurant, you should find it in the Beyoglu area and near Taksim.

Nusrat Restaurant

One of the most famous and best restaurants in Istanbul, which you know even if you have never visited this city, is Nusrat Restaurant. This restaurant, which owes a large part of its fame to its chef, has become very viral in the virtual space and is becoming more famous day by day. You have probably seen videos of it on your Instagram. Many famous artists, footballers, and singers from most countries of the world have visited this restaurant.
The special style that the famous chef of this restaurant has for serving his delicious steaks is one of the reasons for this restaurant’s fame. You have probably seen this person’s special style on his Instagram page. This special style makes people want to go there more. If you choose this restaurant to eat at, it is recommended to try its steaks to experience a delicious and unforgettable taste in your food.

Mikla Istanbul Restaurant

Mikla restaurant has many international dishes that are a combination of Turkish and Scandinavian dishes. The area and hall of this restaurant are very luxurious and stylish and it is known as one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with live music. Since Mikla Restaurant is located on the roof of the Marmara Pera Hotel, you will enjoy a very beautiful view and you will be able to watch the stunning views of Istanbul in 360 degrees. Mikla restaurant’s menu includes a variety of meat dishes, various drinks, cocktails, special dishes for vegetarians, seafood, international desserts, etc. In this restaurant, you can feel Istanbul under your feet and eat lamb smoked with cherry wood. If you want to spend more hours in this restaurant, we suggest you order oriental cheese and local Turkish drinks. Note that the price of food in this restaurant is relatively high and it is on the list of the most expensive restaurants in Istanbul.

best restaurants in Istanbul

Burak Restaurant Istanbul

“Burak Özdemir” is one of the most successful chefs in Türkiye and is famous worldwide. He opened his first restaurant in 2009 and made a name for himself among food lovers with his precision and sensitivity in creating new flavors. The reception of the customers was so great that in a short time, several more branches of this restaurant were opened in Istanbul. Currently, more than 1,000 people work in Burak’s restaurants, and on average, nearly 5,000 people eat in his restaurants every day.
Burak Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul and it is near Taksim Square. From the moment you enter this restaurant, the mood and enthusiasm of the customers tell you that this is not an ordinary restaurant. This restaurant has a large hall and the tables are placed for two to several people at a suitable distance from each other.

Meat Moot Restaurant

The name of one of the top restaurants in Istanbul is Meat Moot. This means that everything revolves around meat in this restaurant. If you go to the Meat Moot restaurant, you will realize how apt the name they have chosen for it is. Meet Moot restaurant is an Arabic restaurant. In this restaurant, seasoned meats are wrapped in special paper, this paper prevents the meat from burning and makes the meat not lose its water, and does not dry out during cooking. Then it is wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in special ovens. The cooking quality and taste of these meats are incredible.
Before you choose your table, you must order the food. Everything happens here in front of the customer’s eyes. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a counter, and customers can easily ask the chefs for advice and order their favorite food. The price of food in the meat moot restaurant is calculated per kilo. That is, after you place your order, the weight of each item will be measured and the price of your food will be determined. It goes without saying that in this restaurant, rice with mubhak, all kinds of vegetables, all kinds of sauces, honey, salad, soft drinks, and yogurt are free and you can use them as much as you want.
After ordering food, you can choose one of the tables on the upper floor and wait for the waiter to bring the food. The interesting thing is that you have to wear gloves to eat at the Meat Mutt restaurant because you are supposed to eat the food with your hands! A pair of clean disposable gloves are placed at the table for each person. But if for any reason you don’t like to try eating with your hands, ask the waiter to bring you a spoon and fork.

best restaurants in Istanbul

Spago Istanbul restaurant by Wolfgang Pak

The restaurant’s multi-award-winning owner and chef Wolfgang has been described by The Infatuation as “the only chef your grandmother knows by name.” His restaurant in Istanbul has several different menus: cocktails, sushi bar, pasta and rice, red meat, seafood, and desserts.
If you plan to dine here, the lobster linguine is excellent. Duck spring roll with fresh mango and ten spices and sweet bell pepper sauce; It cannot be passed. Roasted cauliflower is served with raisins, which might encourage you to add raisins to any dish to see if you can conjure up the same kind of magic.
Spago Istanbul is not only one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with its stylish environment and exquisite food, but it has gained a reputation as one of the best restaurants opened by Wolfgang Puck (the famous chef).


Sarnıç Restaurant

Sarnic Restaurant is located in a 1500-year-old water tank in Sultan Ahmed. This restaurant is located a few steps away from tourist attractions such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, and Topkapi Palace. It will be the best choice after sightseeing.
With its dim lighting and exquisite tableware, you might feel like you’ve traveled back in time to ancient Greece. This restaurant is one of the most amazing and best restaurants in Istanbul with its delicious food and unreal romantic atmosphere.

X Istanbul Restaurant

If you are adventurous and the place you plan to serve food is important to you, X restaurant will be the best choice for you. This restaurant is located on top of a 90-year old building that has been renovated. Currently, it is enjoying a luxurious and unique space. The large tall windows around this restaurant are used to witness a stunning view of the spectacular city of Istanbul. Many people always visit this restaurant to see this beautiful view.
At sunset, X Istanbul restaurant is usually much more crowded than at any other time. At the moment of sunset, the Golden Horn along the Sea of Marmara can be seen from the top of this old building. You can eat a variety of international and traditional dishes in this restaurant. The pizzas of this restaurant are more famous than other dishes on its menu. With all of these features, X Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. To go to this restaurant, you have to go to the Deniz Palace or Sea Palace building.
Other restaurants in Istanbul
In addition to these, other places are included in the category of the best and most famous restaurants in Istanbul:

• Guney Restaurant in Istanbul: reasonable price, recommended: only fish, kebabs, and meatballs
• Şazeli Florya restaurant in Istanbul: one of the best beach cafes in Istanbul with a varied and high-quality menu.
• Chilai Istanbul restaurant: luxury decoration, international food menu, suitable for events and business meetings, one of the most expensive restaurants in Istanbul.
• Mavi Balik Restaurant: One of the best seafood restaurants in Istanbul
• Sosyal restaurants in Istanbul: from high-traffic areas in Istanbul with cheap restaurants

best restaurants in Istanbul

Final words

In this article from Eligasht, we tried to introduce you to the best restaurants in Istanbul. The city of Istanbul is so alive and beautiful that you can eat delicious food without having any knowledge of its restaurants. And it is just enough to walk a little in its streets. Every time you take a few steps, you will smell a new appetizing, and exciting smell. Therefore, a trip to Istanbul will be a trip full of new flavors and aromas of different delicious foods for you.

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