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Travel Guide to Fethiye, Turkey + Best Places to Visit

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Fethiye is a city in the Mugla province of Turkey, whose name shines bright among the coastal cities of this country. The sights of Fethiye are liked by all kinds of tastes. It is enough to see the clear waters of the beaches of this city once so that its image will always be carved in your mind. The combination of the beauty of the beaches of this city with high areas and diverse vegetation has attracted a lot of attention.

But the value of the sights of Fethiye is not only limited to these beauties; It is also related to its rich history and culture. From the works dating back to centuries BC to the medieval structures and traditional markets of Fethiye, it attracts history, culture, and nature lovers from all over the world. If you plan to travel to Fethiye in Turkey, don’t miss this post as we will be focusing on the best places to see in Fethiye, Turkey.

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Best Places to Visit in Fethiye, Turkey

Traditional Markets on Papatur Street

One of the most important places to see in Fethiye is Paspatur Street, which consists of a wide network of narrow streets. The old town of Fethiye is also located within this street, which includes many old and new shops, restaurants, and cafes. If you are looking for handicrafts, local products, Turkish massage, and local food, we suggest you visit this attraction. Most of the stores in this area are traditional, for this reason, the prices of some items have been reduced as much as possible in these areas.

Nightlife in the old town of Fethiye is quite vibrant. The busiest season of this famous place in Fethiye is summer, while in winter the dynamics of this place are reduced to a minimum. The old town has changed a lot since the past, but the ambiance of the traditional markets is still the same.

  • Visiting hours of the traditional market of Fethiye: All hours of the day. Stores are usually open from 9 am until late
  • The cost of visiting the traditional market of Fethiye: free

Ancient Rock Tombs of Fethiye

With a bit of climbing, you will reach the center of the rock tombs of Lycia and the tomb of Amyntas in the city of Fethiye. After reaching these rock tombs, you will have a unique view of Fethiye beach resort. The Lycians, who lived in the fourth century BC, believed that their dead were carried to heaven after death by mythical winged creatures. For this reason, they took the bodies of their prominent people to high places such as the magnificent tombs they dug in the heart of the rocks.

One of the most famous tombs of this ancient attraction in Fethiye is the tomb of Amyntas, which was built in this area in 350 BC with columns and a very beautiful appearance. By going through the stairs, you can have access to wonderful views of the city of Fethiye and these tombs. You can see all the tombs through the viewpoints on the side of the road, but you have to pay an entrance fee to see them up close or to enter them.

  • Visiting hours of Fethiye rock tombs: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m
  • The cost of visiting Fethiye rock tombs: 12.5 lira per person

Fethiye Islands

There are 12 beautiful islands near the city of Fethiye that you can travel to by boat. If you are in Ölüdeniz, daily cruises are also available. If you are not interested in big boats with music, you can use small boats that have a lower price. Usually, the captains of these boats will stop at several islands for lunch and swimming. The beautiful Mediterranean sun, the pleasant sound of the wind, and watching the very beautiful landscapes that Cleopatra, the most powerful queen of Egypt, once witnessed, will create memorable moments for you.

  • Visiting hours of Fethiye Islands: It depends on the schedule of the boats
  • The cost of visiting Fethiye islands: depends on the type of boat and tour, but it is 330 liras on average. (Children will get a discount.)

The Beaches of Fethiye

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Fethiye is a port city in Turkey, whose beaches play an important role in the tourism industry of the area. The reasons for the popularity of Fethiye’s beaches include various aspects, among which we can mention different types of water sports, diverse tourism services, hospitable people, pristine places, and relaxing environments. For this reason, beaches are usually popular in Fethiye tours as well.

In the following, we will introduce some of the most beautiful beaches of Fethiye along with the reason for their popularity:

Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz beach is part of the protected areas in Fethiye and is also considered one of the most scenic areas of this city. Green mountains and tall beaches embrace this area, and the shallow parts of this beach shine in the sunlight. By riding a paraglider on this beach, you can watch its heavenly scenery from the best point of view.

  • Visiting hours of Oludeniz beach: 24/7
  • The cost of visiting Oludeniz beach: 45 to 50 Turkish liras

Katranci Beach

Katranci Bay is also part of Katranci National Park, which includes the popular beaches in Fethiye. During the summer months, many sailing tours visit this beach. The local people of Fethiye often gather at this beach on weekends and have fun and buy and sell. At Katranci beach restaurants in Fethiye, you can enjoy the taste of local dishes such as meatballs and fresh fish. It is also possible to camp on this beach.

  • Visiting hours to Katranci beach: 24/7
  • The cost of visiting Katranci beach: 30 liras per person / car, 50s liras (fees may change)


Kumburnu Beach

Kumburnu Beach is located along the sandy beaches of Fethiye. It is located next to Oludeniz Beach and is one of the ideal options for family fun. You and your family members can engage in activities such as diving and boating in shallow waters. Lifeguards and rescue teams are usually active on this beach.

  • Visiting hours of Kumburnu beach: 8 am to 8 pm
  • The cost of visiting Kumburnu beach: 7 Turkish liras (50% less for children)

Calis Beach

Calis beach is the best beach for water sports in Fethiye, Turkey. Kite surfing, swimming, etc. are all water activities that you can experience on this island. In addition, Calis beach has one of the best sunset views among the beaches of Fethiye.

It is interesting to know that this beach hosted one of the filming scenes of the famous James Bond movie (Skyfall). This beach is located three kilometers from Fethiye.

  • Visiting hours of Calis beach: 24/7
  • Cost of visiting Calis beach: free

Inlice Beach

If you are looking for a beach where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just drive 30 minutes from Fethiye to Inlice Beach. This beach is one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Fethiye, Turkey, and you can easily spend a whole day there in peace.

There is a small restaurant on this beach that offers full service to its customers. In this restaurant, you can try a variety of salads, omelets, and Turkish coffee of the best quality.

  • Visiting hours of Inlice Beach: 24/7
  • The cost of visiting Inlice beach: 20 liras per car

Gemiler Beach and Island

If you’re looking for relaxation, the combination of Beach Cafe and Beach Sunset at Gemiler together, as well as its stunning views and secluded beach, is what you want. Gemiler has a very calm sea for swimming. This sightseeing place in Fethiye is almost 9 kilometers away from the city center of Fethiye.

In addition to visiting Gemiler Beach, you can also visit Gemiler Island. This island is a symbol of medieval history in Fethiye, and since the geological structure of this island is made of stone, its buildings are mostly made of stone as well. In the past, Gimiler Island had a more religious aspect to it and there were many churches and religious education centers.

  • Visiting hours of Gemiler Beach and Island: all hours of the day (it is better to visit the island between 9:00 and 16:00)
  • The price of visiting Gemiler Island: 8 liras per person


Known as the Greek ghost town in Turkey, Kayakoy has many ruins (3,500 old buildings) that are a reminder of the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923. This landmark in Fethiye is a reminder of the events of the First World War and the war between Turkey and Greece. After the establishment of peace, about one million Greek Christians and 500 thousand Turkish Muslims returned to their country.

National Geographic has included Kayakoy in the list of ten famous ghost towns in the world. Visiting this city includes hiking. Therefore, if you are interested in mountainous nature and visiting historical places, don’t miss visiting the city of Kayakoy.

  • Kayakoy visiting hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
  • The cost of visiting Kayakoy: 10 liras

Sehit Fethi Bey Park

Sehit Fethi Bey Park is the largest recreation area in Fethiye, Turkey which was built in 2018. Recreations such as walking, running, cycling, and outdoor gym equipment are available in this park for every age group. There is also a large play area for children’s entertainment including a skate park. When visiting this park, you can watch beautiful views of water taxis, water fountains, and people fishing.

This park is a suitable option for photography when traveling to Fethiye. Since this tourist attraction in Fethiye is located in the city center, it is very easy to access as well.

  • Visiting hours of Sehit Fethi Bey Park: 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM
  • Cost of visiting Sehit Fethi Bey Park: Free


Saklikent Gorge

Among the attractions of Fethiye, the Saklikent Gorge attracts a large number of tourists. Saklikent is the longest gorge in Turkey and the second-longest gorge in Europe. The length of this gorge reaches 18 kilometers and it has a very beautiful nature. This gorge includes several waterfalls and about 16 caves. The depth of this gorge is about 300 meters; therefore, it is known as one of the deepest gorges in the world as well.

If you are visiting this famous place in Fethiye for the first time, we suggest that you do not go there alone and use a tour guide or experienced people. If you visit this scenic spot in Fethiye in the summer season, the coolness of the rocks and water jets and the shade inside the gorge will make you feel safe from the heat and experience infinite pleasure. You will never get tired of Saklikant gorge. For dining in this area, you can visit the legendary Kayıp Cennet restaurant.

  • Visiting hours of Saklikent Gorge: 9:00 to 19:30
  • The cost of visiting Saklikent Gorge: 10 liras

The Ruins of Tlos

The ruins of Tlos are one of the most important attractions of Fethiye and Turkey, the evidence of which indicates that it dates back to 2000 years before Christ. This historical attraction is located 35 km southeast of Fethiye. These ruins also include a stadium for watching matches. Unfortunately, the historical information we have about the ruins of Tlos is limited and it is not clear exactly what matches were held in this stadium.

Tlos was one of the six important Lycian cities. This tourist attraction also includes rock tombs. Tlos is actually an open-air museum that you have to pay an entrance fee to visit.

  • Visiting hours of Tlos Ruins: 8:30 to 18:00
  • The cost of visiting the ruins of Telos: 12.5 liras

Fethiye Museum

After visiting the ruins of Tlos, go to the Fethiye Museum and see the newly discovered Roman sculptures. Fethiye Museum is the first museum built in this city. In this museum, you will find many objects that date back to 3000 BC. This museum also includes a gallery and open sections where many ancient columns, statues, and stone remains can be seen. The interior of the Fethiye Museum includes two main halls and another large section where you will see various ceramic crafts and old sculptures.

  • Visiting hours of Fethiye Museum: 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m
  • The cost of visiting Fethiye Museum: 10 Turkish liras

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