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Tipps for a budget travel to Tehran| travel guide

budget travel to Tehran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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budget travel to Tehran

There are various reasons why people choose Tehran as their travel destination. Some visit Tehran to see its attractions, some for business purposes, some to visit relatives, friends, and acquaintances, some for work missions, and others for educational and academic purposes. Tehran is a very large city, and as a result, its streets and highways are usually congested with vehicles. Tehran is well-known for its long traffic jams. Many major commercial centers, hospitals, and ministries are located in Tehran, which leads to a high demand for travel to the city throughout the year for various reasons. In this travel guide from Eligasht, we will provide you with tips to make the most out of your budget travel to Tehran.

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Geographical Location of Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and is located at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. The city of Tehran covers an area of approximately 730 square kilometers, which has earned it the reputation of being the 27th largest city in the world. Tehran is home to a population of over 13 million people. Tehran Province is bordered by Mazandaran Province to the north, Alborz Province to the west, Semnan Province to the east, and Qom Province to the south. Tehran’s geographical location often requires travelers to pass through Tehran to reach certain northern cities or central provinces of the country. Tehran has a moderate climate, and in early April, the average temperature reaches 15.4 degrees Celsius. Budget travel to Tehran is always in demand, and people travel to the capital for work or leisure throughout different days of the year.


Best Time to budget Travel to Tehran

Tehran experiences all four seasons, each with its attractions for travelers. In terms of weather, however, if we were to tell you the best time to travel to Tehran, it would be the months of April, May, September, and October. Tehran has relatively cold weather in winter and is usually very hot in summer. Air pollution and temperature inversion worsen during sunny winter days in Tehran, making it unsuitable for sightseeing. The beauty of the capital multiplies in spring and autumn. Additionally, the weather in Tehran is milder in spring and autumn, and the pleasant rains bring more freshness to the capital. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tehran is in the spring and autumn months.

budget travel to Tehran

Traveling to Tehran in Nowruz!

A budget Travel to Tehran during Nowruz is the best choice for tourists who have come to Tehran for leisure and sightseeing. During Nowruz, the weather in Tehran is moderate, and the city is very calm. Additionally, the air in Tehran is usually at its cleanest during the Nowruz holidays. If you intend to explore Tehran and visit its attractions such as museums, parks, and historical houses, the first 15 days of April are the best time to travel to Tehran. Spring is a suitable season for exploring Tehran, and traveling to Tehran in spring is much more enjoyable than other seasons. However, if your purpose of traveling to Tehran is for administrative matters, the Nowruz holidays are not the best time to visit the capital, as most offices are closed during the Nowruz holidays.


Ways to Travel to Tehran

There are various ways to travel to Tehran as it is the capital of Iran, and you can easily reach it from different cities in the country using public or private transportation. The city of Tehran has three airports, a train station, and four bus terminals for the transportation of travelers from different cities and countries to Tehran. Traveling to Tehran by private car is also very convenient, and travelers can reach Tehran in the shortest possible time using routes from Karaj, Qazvin, Firuzkuh, and Qom.


Traveling to Tehran by Train

Traveling to Tehran by train is one of the ways to access the capital. Trains are usually suitable for individuals who have no time constraints in traveling to Tehran. Many families can use trains as a means of group travel. The train has numerous stations on routes leading to Tehran, and you can purchase train tickets from major and minor cities in the country and travel to the capital. The affordable prices and various services of trains have made many families choose this means of transportation for traveling to Tehran. Purchasing train tickets is also possible through the Eligasht website.


Traveling to Tehran by Airplane – Airport to Tehran

Traveling to Tehran by airplane is another way to travel to the capital. Tehran has three airports: Mehrabad, Payam, and Imam Khomeini, which accommodate passengers from different cities and countries who can travel to Tehran by plane. Mehrabad Airport is dedicated to domestic flights, and Imam Khomeini International Airport is specifically for international flights. Mehrabad Airport is one of the oldest airports in the country, and passengers have easy access to this airport by metro, bus, and taxi. This airport not only has direct flights from major cities but also from small airports in some cities to Tehran.budget travel to Tehran

Train Station to Tehran

The train station to Tehran is one of the oldest railway stations in the country, through which many passengers enter Tehran from various cities throughout the year. Tehran Railway Station is located on Valiasr Street, on the southern side of Rah Ahan Square. The metro station and express buses are both near this square, ready to transport passengers to different parts of Tehran at various times of the day. If you choose the train for your trip to Tehran, it should be noted that this means of transportation is one of the safest and most affordable public transportation options that will get you to the capital in the shortest possible time.


Bus Terminal to Tehran

The bus terminal to Tehran is a very suitable option for budget travel to Tehran and for those who want to travel to the capital by land. Tehran has four major bus terminals where buses transport passengers from various cities in the country to the capital. The southern bus terminal is the largest and oldest bus terminal in Tehran. The eastern bus terminal is located in the Tehranpars area, and there is an express bus station near this terminal. The Beyhaghi bus terminal and the western bus terminal (Azadi) are the other terminals in Tehran.


Personal Car to Tehran

Traveling with a personal car always has its charms. Some travelers use a personal car as a means of transportation to enjoy their travel routes and spend more time with their families. If you are traveling to Tehran with a personal car, you should be aware that some areas of Tehran are within the restricted traffic zone, and you need to obtain a permit to enter these areas. If you are coming from the northern cities of the country, you should use the Tehran North Freeway, Haraz Road, Firuzkuh Road, or the Rasht-Tehran route to enter Tehran. Additionally, individuals traveling from southern and central cities of the country should use the Qom-Tehran freeway route for traveling to Tehran with a personal car.


Best Accommodations and Hotels in Tehran

Choosing the best accommodations and hotels in Tehran for those who intend to stay in the capital is not difficult because in Tehran, there are accommodation options available for every taste and, more importantly, for budget travel to Tehran. Individuals who plan to stay in hotels or other accommodation facilities during their visit to Tehran can easily book their accommodation from the Eligasht website and go there for rest upon arrival in Tehran. The variety of accommodation units in Tehran is very extensive, including five-star, four-star, and three-star hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, and guesthouses, all of which can be reserved through the Eligasht website based on your budget and preferences.

budget travel to Tehran

5-Star Hotels in Tehran

In Tehran, many luxury hotels enhance your travel experience to the capital. If you don’t think of budget travel to Tehran, you can book 5-star hotels in Tehran from the Eligasht website for your stay. One of the most luxurious and stylish hotels in Tehran is the Espinas Palace Hotel. This five-star hotel, with its modern design inspired by contemporary architecture, has 400 equipped rooms and suites on 21 floors. Parsian Esteghlal Tehran Hotel is another 5-star hotel in Tehran, located in the north of Tehran near Tajrish, offering easy access to shopping centers and tourist attractions in the city. Laleh Hotel on Fatemi Street, Parsian Avin Hotel on Chamran Highway, Laleh Tehran Hotel, and Parsian Azadi Hotel are among the other 5-star accommodation options in Tehran.


4-Star Hotels in Tehran

4-star hotels in Tehran are suitable for individuals who pay special attention to both the quality of accommodation and their travel budget. In Tehran, there are numerous 4-star hotels available for travelers, and you can easily book your preferred hotel through the Eligasht website. Marlik Hotel, Parsa Hotel, Niloo Hotel, and Olympic Hotel are among the best 4-star hotels in Tehran, where travelers to the capital can stay. Eligasht is a provider of various travel services, and tourists can visit this website on different days of the year for their trips, compare the facilities of different hotels, and book their accommodation at the best price.


3-Star Hotels in Tehran

If you are looking for budget travel to Tehran, the Mina Hotel, Bolour Hotel, and Apadana Hotel are good options for you in the city. With the growth of tourism and increasing demand for travel to Tehran on different days of the year, the number of hotels in the capital has been increasing day by day, and the hotel industry is rapidly growing in these cities. 3-star hotels in Tehran are mostly located in central areas of the city to provide easy access for travelers who visit the capital for business and commerce to various parts of the city. If you plan to travel to Tehran, it is advisable to choose your accommodation in advance and make an online reservation from reputable websites such as Eligasht.


Hostels in Tehran

Hostels are inexpensive accommodations designed for travelers and foreign tourists who want to budget travel to Tehran. Hostels in Tehran are rapidly growing, and there is a high demand for booking beds in hostels. Affordable prices and desirable facilities are among the main reasons for travelers to choose hostels for their stay in Tehran. Hostels in Tehran offer facilities such as kitchens, work desks, wardrobes, microwaves, plates, spoons, forks, cups, and other amenities. If you are looking for an economical and comfortable stay during your time in Tehran, hostels are a suitable option for you, especially if you are traveling alone. Milaveh Hostel, C-Dar Hostel, Kargadan Hostel, Tehran Heritage Hostel, and Hi Tehran Hostel are among the most famous hostels in Tehran.

budget travel to Tehran

Boutique Hotels in Tehran

Boutique hotels are essentially places that combine beautiful and traditional architecture with the luxurious and elegant amenities of hotels. The main difference between boutique hotels and regular hotels lies in the number of rooms, the size of the hotel, and the interior architectural style. Boutique hotels in Tehran are designed to create a unique, exclusive, urban, and modern environment. Most boutique hotels in Tehran are historical houses that have been converted into well-equipped accommodations while preserving their appearance. Pahlavan Razzaz Boutique Hotel in the Baharestan neighborhood, Hana Boutique Hotel in Lola Gar neighborhood, Nazemiyeh Boutique Hotel, and Tooba Boutique Hotel are among the most famous boutique hotels in Tehran.


Public Transportation in Tehran

Public transportation in Tehran is essential due to the vastness of the city. While traveling by private car to Tehran has its advantages, it may not be a suitable option for individuals who are not experienced in driving in Tehran’s traffic. Buses, taxis, the metro, online taxis, and even bicycles are among the public transportation options in Tehran that you can use for getting around the city during your budget travel to Tehran.


Top Attractions of Tehran

Tehran has been the capital of Iran for about 236 years and has a history of approximately 5,000 years. It’s not surprising to hear that the city of Tehran offers various tourist attractions, including historical, religious, natural, and many other sites. Saadabad Palace with its sky-reaching trees is one of the most remarkable attractions in Tehran. This historical palace is located in the north of Tehran, and tourists can easily access it by metro or taxi.

Darakeh and Darband are recreational areas in Tehran that are ideal for family outings, especially during holidays. Museums, restaurants, and shopping centers in Tehran are also places where you can visit during your trip to Tehran. Azadi Tower, Tabiat Bridge, Cinema Museum, Iran Ancient Museum, Golestan Palace, Niavaran Palace, National Botanical Garden, Malek Museum, Khanat Caravanserai, and Music Museum are among the top attractions in Tehran.

budget travel to Tehran

What Does Tehran Offer for Recreation?

What does Tehran offer for recreation? Many people prefer to make the most of their time in Tehran by enjoying the recreational attractions of the capital and engaging in leisure activities with their families or friends. Of course, the cost of recreation is usually important for travelers, and they often choose between free or low-cost recreational activities. The variety of recreational facilities in Tehran is much greater than you can imagine. Parks, cinemas, cafes, theaters, music concerts, and art galleries are among the recreational attractions in Tehran for travelers. Chitgar Lake, Mellat Park, Ab-o-Atash Park, Tabiat Bridge, Azadi Cinema, City Theater, Cyrus Cinema, Milad Tower, Eram Park, Land of Wonders (Sarzamin-e Ajayeb), Velayat Park, Javanmardan Park, Nahj ol-Balagheh Park, and Jamshidiyeh Park are other places you can visit for recreation in Tehran.


What Souvenirs to Buy from Tehran?

What souvenirs to buy from Tehran? You might think that Tehran doesn’t have any special or famous souvenirs, and that thought is not entirely wrong. Most handicrafts found in Tehran are produced in other cities and countries, so Tehran doesn’t have its unique souvenirs. However, Tehran is also a suitable place to buy souvenirs from other cities in Iran. The surroundings of Tehran are full of cities and villages that each have their specific industries, and they bring their products to Tehran’s markets for sale. Some of the major handicrafts in Tehran include glassblowing, woodturning, basket weaving, engraving, felt weaving, pottery, and calligraphy.

budget travel to Tehran

Introduction to Traditional Markets and Shopping Centers in Tehran

The city of Tehran hosts numerous large and diverse shopping centers, making it challenging to provide a comprehensive introduction to Tehran’s traditional markets and shopping centers. From north to south, Tehran offers a wide range of shopping destinations where you can easily go for a stroll and make purchases. The most famous and oldest market in Tehran is the Grand Bazaar, located on Panzdah-e Khordad Street. In addition to its historical significance, this grand market is the country’s main shopping hub, where various items are traded. The geographical location of the Grand Bazaar allows visitors to explore the surrounding historical attractions and enjoy shopping in its alleys and caravanserais.

Tajrish Bazaar is another traditional shopping center in the capital, while Palladium Shopping Center, Opall Shopping Center, Tandis Shopping Center, Tiraje, Kourosh, Iran Almas Center, and Sam Center are among the most well-known shopping centers in Tehran.


Best Restaurants in Tehran

Finding the best restaurants in Tehran is not an easy task as the number of restaurants in the capital keeps increasing every day. You can savor the best authentic Iranian cuisine at Moslem Restaurant, one of the city’s oldest restaurants located in the Panzdah-e Khordad neighborhood. Nayeb Restaurant is part of a restaurant chain in Tehran where you can indulge in the city’s most delicious kebabs. If you want to experience dining in a small yet cozy setting during your visit to Tehran, be sure to visit Leon Restaurant. With several branches in Aban, Sam Center, and Pasdaran, it’s the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. Shemroon Restaurant, Asil Restaurant, Ghassab Restaurant, and Mesturan Restaurant are among the most famous restaurants in Tehran.

budget travel to Tehran

Coziest Cafes in Tehran

Where are the coziest cafes in Tehran? Cafes in Tehran are usually bustling with people throughout the year, as individuals come to these establishments after work or during their city explorations to relax and enjoy tasty snacks. Cafes in Tehran have become popular among young people who travel to these areas with friends or family. In recent years, with the increasing interest in café culture, especially during travels, the number of cafes in Tehran has significantly grown, and you can find multiple cafes and restaurants side by side in every part of the city, often crowded during most hours of the day. Cafes in Tehran are usually open until late at night. Lameez Cafe, Moogeh Cafe, Langin Cafe, Sam Cafe, and Honar Cafe are among the coziest cafes in Tehran. Be sure to visit these cafes during your trip to Tehran.


Introduction to the Best Neighborhoods in Tehran

If you are planning a trip to Tehran, we must tell you that Tehran, due to its historical significance, accommodates many old neighborhoods within itself. With proper planning of budget travel to Tehran, you can visit the attractions of Tehran on different days throughout the year. To introduce the best neighborhoods in Tehran, we need to divide the city into four parts. The northern, western, eastern, and southern neighborhoods of Tehran each have their own recreational, religious, and historical attractions, which you can visit with proper planning during your trip to Tehran. Bagh-e-Feyz neighborhood in the west, Darband neighborhood in the north, Narmak neighborhood in the east, and Naziabad neighborhood in the south are among the most famous neighborhoods in the capital city.


Best Traditional Neighborhoods of Tehran

Oudlajan neighborhood is one of the best traditional neighborhoods in Tehran, located in the southern part of the capital, near Mowlavi Street. Deh Vanak neighborhood is another traditional and verdant area of Tehran, located in the north of the city, and you can easily reach this neighborhood by taxi or bus during your trip to Tehran. Another old neighborhood of Tehran is Naser Khosrow Street, near Tehran Bazaar, which is currently a medical equipment market. 30 Tir Street is one of the old and authentic neighborhoods of Tehran, which was renamed from Qavam Al-Saltaneh to 30 Tir after the uprising of the people in July 1952. Monirieh neighborhood, Shemiran neighborhood, Niavaran neighborhood, Yousefabad neighborhood, and Amiriyeh neighborhood are among the traditional neighborhoods of Tehran.

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Best Upscale Neighborhoods of Tehran

The best upscale neighborhoods of Tehran are located in the northern and western parts of the capital, areas that are filled with luxury houses and luxury shopping centers. Elahieh is one of the best upscale neighborhoods in Tehran. This neighborhood is bounded by Tajrish in the north, Chahar Rah-e Park-e Vey in the south, Valiasr Street in the west, and Romi Bridge in the east. Tajrish, Niavaran, Velenjak, Farmanieh, Zaferanieh, Qeytarieh, Shahrak-e Gharb, Saadat Abad, and Fereshteh are among the most famous upscale neighborhoods in Tehran that you can visit these neighborhoods to explore and enjoy their shopping centers by private car or taxi during your trip to Tehran.

budget travel to Tehran

Essential Information for budget Travel to Tehran

In budget travel to Tehran, you should pay attention to some points, and having essential information about traveling to Tehran is very important. In the table below, some essential information about Tehran is mentioned:


Tehran Area

615 square kilometers

Tehran Telephone Code


Common Language


Mehrabad Airport Telephone Number


Imam Khomeini Airport Telephone Number


Tehran Railway Telephone Number


Beyhaghi Terminal Telephone Number


South Terminal Telephone Number


East Terminal Telephone Number


West Terminal Telephone Number


Public Transportation

Metro, bus, taxi

Masih Daneshvari Hospital


Valiasr Hospital


Milad Hospital


Baghiatallah Hospital


budget travel to Tehran


1- What are the available ways of traveling to Tehran?

You can easily have a budget to travel to Tehran from different cities in the country by private car. Additionally, you can travel to Tehran by purchasing airplane tickets, train tickets to Tehran, or by bus.


2- Can I book a hotel in Tehran?

Yes, Tehran has a large number of hotels, apartment hotels, hostels, boutique hotels, and guesthouses. You can visit the Eligasht website to book a hotel in Tehran with a 24-hour discount.


3- How many airports does Tehran have?

Tehran has two passenger airports for domestic and international flights. Imam Khomeini Airport is for international flights, and Mehrabad Airport is for domestic flights. You can visit the Eligasht website to purchase airplane tickets to Tehran and book your ticket to Tehran as soon as possible.


4- How many railway stations does Tehran have?

Tehran has only one railway station from which you can travel to other parts of the country. Purchasing train tickets from the Eligasht website is a straightforward process, and by visiting the train ticket section on this website, you can quickly buy your travel ticket to your desired destination.


5- Does Tehran have a metro?

Yes, Tehran has 7 active metro lines. With the Tehran Metro, you can also have access to Imam Khomeini Airport, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran Railway Station, and the city of Karaj.


6- How can I buy an airplane ticket to travel to Tehran from Eligasht?

Buying an airplane ticket from the Eligasht online reservation system, as a reputable online airline ticket sales system, is very easy and convenient. First, you need to create an account on the Eligasht website. By specifying the route and travel date, you can view flights on that route, select your desired ticket to Tehran, and pay for the ticket online.


7- Is it possible to book a hotel in Tehran through the Eligasht website?

Yes, it is possible to book a hotel in Tehran through the Eligasht website. Budget Travelers can compare the facilities and services of different hotels on this site and quickly book their desired hotel for their desired dates of stay using credit cards.


8- What are the best markets and shopping centers in Tehran?

The Tehran Grand Bazaar, Tajrish Bazaar, Palladium Shopping Center, Sam Center Shopping Center, Tiraje Shopping Center, and Milad-e Noor Shopping Center are among the most famous shopping centers and traditional markets in the city.


9- What are the most famous tourist attractions in Tehran?

Azadi Tower, Golestan Palace, Saadabad Palace, National Museum of Iran, Imamzadeh Saleh, Darband, Water and Fire Park, Bamland Complex, and Tabiat Bridge are among the most famous tourist attractions in Tehran, located in different areas of the capital from north to south.


10- Which season is suitable for traveling to Tehran?

It is best to choose the spring and autumn seasons for traveling to Tehran, as the weather during these seasons is mild, and you can easily explore the city.


11- What is the most cost-effective accommodation option when traveling to Tehran?

To choose the most cost-effective accommodation, you first need to determine your budget and needs. The most cost-effective accommodation options in Tehran for those who want to have budget travel to Tehran are hostels and three-star hotels in the city.


12- Which are the most famous neighborhoods in northern Tehran?

Elahiyeh, Zaferanieh, Tajrish, Gheytarieh, Farmanieh, Fereshteh, and Pasdaran are among the most famous neighborhoods in northern Tehran.


13- Is Nowruz a good time for a budget travel to Tehran?

Yes, the Norouz holidays are the best time for recreational trips to Tehran. The Norouz holidays are the best time to travel to Tehran as the weather in the early days of the year is very pleasant, and exploring the city during this weather is truly enjoyable. Most hotels in Tehran also offer special discounts for Norouz travelers, and you can travel to Tehran by train, private car, bus, or airplane.


14- Which are the most famous restaurants in Tehran?

Gerdoo Restaurant in Milad Tower, Nayeb Restaurant, Mestouran Restaurant, Roohi Restaurant, Mashhad Restaurant, and Moslem Restaurant are among the most famous restaurants in Tehran.


15- Which are the most famous parks in Tehran?

Mellat Park, located on Valiasr Street, is one of the famous parks in Tehran. Jamsheedieh Park, Bagh-e Irani on Sheikh Bahai Street, Valiasr Park, Javanmardan Park, Ab-o-Atash Park, Nahj ol-Balagheh Park, and Norouz Park are among the most famous parks in Tehran.

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