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12 of the best hotels in Tehran for tourists

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Tehran, the capital of Iran, hosts guests from all over the world. People often intend to travel to this city because of administrative affairs, work, attendance at exhibitions, participation in conventions, summits, and conferences, and the use of medical services. For this reason, in this article from Eligasht, we introduced you to the best hotels in Tehran.

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1. Espinas International Hotel

One of the best hotels in Tehran is Spinas, which is classified as a luxury hotel (probably the most luxurious hotel in Tehran). The lobby of Spinas International Hotel is in the most beautiful state possible with its unique design. Espinas International Hotel is located in the center of Tehran and attracts attention with its artistic elegance in this big city. Combining modern architectural elements and rich natural elements, this hotel inspires a sense of relaxation with admirable skill.

This hotel has the highest score according to users and visitors. It has also a Sports club equipped with specialized devices for heart health and weight loss and a standard swimming pool and of course Equipped halls for holding seminars.

Address: Valiasr Square, Keshavarz Boulevard, No. 126 Reserve 02175675

Espinas International Hotel

2. Spinas Palace Hotel

In the north of Tehran, there is the best luxury hotel available, which has a very high score in terms of customer satisfaction. This five-star international hotel shines like a beautiful jewel by being located in the northern area of Tehran. This hotel offers different luxury services considering different expectations. Also, the design of this hotel, using contemporary architecture and influenced by the amazing architecture of the past, has taken into account the tastes of all ages. Maybe that’s why they chose the name “Palace”. In addition, as one of the best hotels in Tehran, this eye-catching palace includes a magnificent lobby, magnificent public spaces, and especially well-equipped and standard rooms. In this hotel, all the expectations of a five-star hotel are met in the best way.

Other features of this hotel are Magnificent architecture and a High level of user satisfaction.

Address: Saadat Abad, Behroud Square, Abedi St., 33 Reserve St.

Spinas Palace Hotel - eligasht

3. Parsian Azadi Hotel

It is one of the best hotels in Tehran, which not only has a long history but is said to be the reputation of the Iranian hotel industry. With eight different types of rooms on 25 floors with a variety of views and layouts, Parsian Azadi Hotel is in a position where guests can have a five-star stay. Single, twin (double with separate bed), double (double with one bed), a special room for the disabled and junior suites, royal duplex and presidential are among them.

Other features of this hotel are a High level of satisfaction of domestic and international clients, Excellent access, and well-built architecture.

Address: Shahid Chamran Highway, Yadgar Imam Intersection, Parsian Azadi

4. Laleh hotel

The five-star Laleh Hotel on Fatemi St. in addition to its excellent location; has 380 units consisting of rooms and suites. Laleh is one of the best hotels in Tehran and dates back to 1350. However, up-to-date facilities such as free internet, a safety deposit box, a minibar, numerous reception and conference halls, coffee shops, and Iranian and French restaurants are installed in the hotel. In addition, Laleh has a business center, parking, swimming pool, and sauna.

Address: Tehran, District 6, Dr. Fatemi St.

Laleh hotel - eligasht

5. Taj Mahal Hotel

It is a 5-star luxury hotel in the center and north of Tehran, which has also attracted the attention of customers. Taj Mahal luxury apartment hotel in Tehran, located on Mulla Sadra Blvd., started its operation in 1380. The hotel building has a harmonious and artistic integration of Iranian and Indian culture and civilization and has 80 modern and well-equipped accommodation units. In terms of location, the hotel is located near the Hemat highway, which makes it easy to access different parts of the capital. The experienced staff of the Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel (one of the best hotels in Tehran), will be your host to immortalize the good moments during your stay.

We can add that The prices are suitable for the facilities of a 5-star hotel and The way of handling and service is excellent. This hotel is also Very close to Vanak square.

address Venk Square, Mollasadra Blvd., Sheikh Bahai Street, No. 29.

6. Parshin Plaza Hotel, Tehran

It is impossible to talk about the best 5-star hotels in Tehran without mentioning the name of the newly established Parshin Plaza Hotel. This luxurious and glamorous hotel has a unique geographical location and Andisheh Mall, Azadi Tehran Cinema, and Reza Abbasi Museum will be close to you. Parshin Plaza Hotel welcomes you with various delicious meals and breakfasts in its 7 restaurants, from which you have a flawless view of the city of Tehran. The rooms of this hotel are beautifully arranged and with tall windows overlooking the city, they will touch the heart of every traveler.

A luxurious hall for various events such as weddings, various breakfasts, currency exchange, library, coffee shop, wake-up services, services for the disabled, game room, parking, shopping center, billiard hall, and taxi service is among the services of this option, one of the best hotels in Tehran. Persian Plaza Hotel has a score of 4.3 out of 5 in its report.

Address: Tehran, North Sohrawardi, below Beheshti St., East Zeinali St.

Persian-Plaza-Hotel - eligasht

7. Parsian Evin Hotel

If not the best, it is one of the best 4-star hotels in all of Tehran. The hotel has 150 rooms, including 2 large and very beautiful suites, 13 small suites, 126 double and twin rooms, and 4 single rooms. Evin Hotel, one of the best hotels in Tehran, is located in a pleasant area in the north of Tehran, at the intersection of Chamran highway and Yadgar Imam highway. The location of the hotel concerning various highways has made it easy to access the airport, the city center, and the international exhibition.

Very high customer satisfaction, Personal safe box inside the room, Integrated electrical system with exclusive function of room card, Lighting control system on the headboard, ADSL high-speed internet are other facilities of this hotel.

address: Shahid Chamran Highway, Yadegar-e-Imam Intersection, Parsian Evin Reserve Hotel.

8. Olympic Hotel

It is one of the best international hotels not only in Tehran but in all of Iran. It is located near the Azadi Tehran sports complex (west of Tehran). This luxury hotel has reasonable prices despite many facilities. The four-star Olympic Hotel is in the northwest of Tehran, overlooking the Chitgar Forest Park with a beautiful view of Damavand, the highest peak.

Iran and the Alborz mountain range, benefiting from the pleasant atmosphere of the international lake of the Persian Gulf and Azadi Lake, with easy and traffic-free access to Imam Khomeini International Airport, Mehrabad Airport, and the metro station, as well as the main highways of Tehran, have been able to provide standard services. For these reasons, the Olympic hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran.

Excellent customer rating, Gym, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, billiard room, and all necessary facilities, Excellent view and access, free high-speed internet, and coffee shop are other features of this hotel.

address: next to the west door of Azadi Reserve Stadium.

Olympic Hotel - eligasht

9. Toubi Boutique Hotel

It is not without reason that the 4-star Boutique Hotel Toubi is one of the best hotels in Tehran. If we overlook all the good things about Toubi Boutique Hotel in Tehran, only its restaurant can be considered an attraction. This restaurant sits watching the city of Tehran from above and offers its guests a view of this city that you have never seen anywhere else. Easy access to the Mellat Park musical fountain, water, fire park, natural bridge, and important commercial centers are other advantages of this hotel. We recommend that you try the breakfasts of Toubi Boutique Hotel once, you will become their regular customer.

Currency exchange, coffee shop, internet cafe, green space, rooftop restaurant, sauna, jacuzzi, internet in the lobby, and gym are among the services of this member of the best hotels in Tehran with a score of 4.3 out of 5.

Address of Toubi Boutique Hotel in Tehran: No. 17, Naseri St., Tehran

10. Wisteria Hotel

The best hotels in Tehran with 5 stars are not complete without Wisteria Tehran Hotel. It is safe to say, this newly established hotel is unrivaled in terms of geographical location. Saadabad Palace and Niavaran, Royal Library Museum, Ferdows Bagh, Pahlavi Exclusive Car Museum, Dr. Hesabi Museum, Jahannama Museum, Time Spectator Museum, commercial centers such as Palladium, Arg, Tandis and Qaem, Elahieh and Jordan Shopping Center, resorts such as Darband , Darakeh, Shemshak ski resort, all are located around Wisteria Hotel. From the rooms of this hotel, you can see the city of Tehran, which is surrounded by the beautiful and strong Alborz mountain range on one side.

Hall, breakfast buffet, currency exchange, coffee shop, internet cafe, gym, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and massage center, and car rental without driver, all have made Wisteria Hotel one of the best hotels in Tehran. The passengers of this hotel consider this hotel worthy of a score of 3.8 out of 5.

Address of Tehran Wisteria Hotel: Tehran, Tajrish, Quds Crossroad, Darband St., corner of Ahmadi Zamani St., No. 1 (View Tehran Wisteria Hotel on the map)

Wisteria-Hotel - eligasht

11. Niloo Hotel

One of the coziest and best hotels in Tehran is the 4-star Niloo Hotel. In the layout of this hotel, a modern style is used along with traditional motifs, which creates an eye-pleasing contrast. The location of Niloo Hotel on Valiasr Street in Tehran has made you benefit from its various sights in addition to its visual attractions. Imamzadeh Saleh, Bridge of Nature, Zaman Museum, Art Academy, Marble Palace, Reza Bazaar, Safavi Bazaar, Water and Fire Park, and Mellat Park, shops and the best restaurants are all within a short distance from the hotel.

Breakfast buffet, prayer room, currency exchange, taxi service, parking, library, coffee shop, and paid transfer, all have made Niloo Hotel to be among the best hotels in Tehran with a score of 4.1 out of 5.

Address of Niloo hotel in Tehran

Address of Niloo Hotel Tehran: No. 3, Dr. Shams Larijani St., District 3, Tehran

12. Tehran Grand Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located at the intersection of Taleghani and Valiasr streets. With a few steps on foot, you can reach Valiasr street and visit nearby attractions by bus, metro, and taxi. Tamadan Alley with pleasant hanging umbrellas, Tulip Park, Sai Park, Contemporary Art Museum, Carpet Museum, and various business and office centers are located around this hotel. The rooms of the Tehran Grand Hotel are arranged in a modern style, and the experienced and friendly staff will do their best to make your stay unique. Because of all these facilities, Tehran Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Tehran.

A reception hall, conference and meeting hall, business room, restaurant, coffee shop, jacuzzi, taxi service, and room service are provided in this hotel to be part of the list of the best hotels in Tehran with a score of 4 out of 5.

Address of Tehran Grand Hotel: No. 391, Motahari St., Valiasr St., Tehran

Tehran Grand Hotel - eligasht

Final words

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the main tourist destinations in Iran. There are many hotels in this metropolis and they offer good facilities to tourists. In this article, we have listed the best hotels in Tehran so that you can easily choose between them for a pleasant stay.

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