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Narin Castle, the oldest government fortress in the world

Narin Castle

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Narin Castle

Narin Castle, located in the charming city of Meybod in Iran, is a historical gem that has captivated visitors for centuries. Meybod, a beautiful city in the north of Yazd Province, is a city with hospitable and friendly people who have their unique language. In this beautiful city, which shines like a brilliant gem in the north of Yazd Province, there are abundant historical and natural attractions such as Meybod Pigeon Tower, Jameh Mosque, Icehouse, Printing House, and more. Each of these historical sites bears witness to the antiquity of this beautiful city. If you travel to Meybod, you will realize that this beautiful city is one of the earliest inhabited cities in this region. One of the appealing aspects of any city or region that usually attracts many tourists is its historical buildings.

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These historical sites, each representing a specific period, can also reflect the climate of their region. In this region, numerous historical fortresses have witnessed a turbulent era filled with ups and downs. They have witnessed numerous wars, sometimes ending in victory and at other times leaving a bitter defeat on the souls and spirits of these strongholds. These fortresses, like strong protective barriers, have sacrificed themselves to shelter those who sought refuge within and have left a mark of their selflessness on the scars they bear.

Perhaps one can quickly identify these fortified structures as one of the military pillars of every city and region. One should visit these fortresses and observe them closely to become aware of what the past of this region has endured. Eligasht has always tried to be a good representative in expressing and introducing the ancient and historical artifacts of Iran and guiding you in visiting these historical sites. In this article, we will introduce Narin Castle, as one of the oldest historical artifacts of this beautiful city. Stay with us to embark on a historical journey together.


Where is Narin Castle?

It is better to begin by specifying the exact location of this historical and world-renowned castle. Narin Castle is located in Yazd Province, Meybod County, in the City Hall Square. This magnificent castle is one of the oldest historical fortresses in Iran and has been registered as a national heritage site since 1354.

Narin Castle

The History of Narin Castle

Narin Castle is known in the local dialect of Meybod people as “Narinj Qaleh.” There are various accounts regarding the history of this historical fortress. Some archaeologists claim that the origins of this historical fortress date back to the time of King Solomon. They suggest that he ordered the construction of this fortress to hide his treasures. However, this is merely a mythical tale, and there is no historical evidence to support it. Nonetheless, what cannot be overlooked is the antiquity of this fortress. The bricks and tiles of this fortress bear witness to the long history of Narin Castle.

What appears to be the case is that Narin Castle, this ancient structure, has undergone numerous constructions and renovations throughout different periods, although its lower parts have remained inaccessible or undiscovered due to their hidden nature. However, archaeologists claim that the extensive brick mass on Narin Castle belongs to the Sassanian era. The presence of Pahlavi seals and inscriptions also supports this claim. Interestingly, Narin Qaleh was also used as a place of residence during the early days of the Islamic era, as elements of 4th and 5th-century lunar architecture can be observed in this complex.

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A Strange Discovery by Archaeologists

Considering the importance and antiquity of Narin Castle, archaeologists began their efforts to uncover its historical background. During excavations in certain parts of the castle, they made a peculiar discovery. They came across a fragment of clay with a carved image of a creature that was half-human and half-animal. Further investigations revealed that this castle dates back to the 3rd millennium BC and the civilization of the Milani. It is worth noting that Narin Castle was also of great significance during the early days of Islam, as it was used as a fortified and impregnable location against enemy attacks. This ancient history has made Narin Qaleh a focal point for Iranian and foreign archaeology enthusiasts, attracting numerous tourists from around the world to visit the city each year and contributing significantly to the development of Iran’s tourism industry.


Architectural Features of Narin Castle

The intricacy employed in Narin Castle demonstrates the exceptional skills of the architects of that time. Despite its long history, the attention to detail has allowed this strong structure to withstand the test of time and become a symbol of its era. This historic monument, also known as Dezh-e Dalan, is situated on the highest hill. From there, one can overlook the city of Meybod and appreciate its beauty. The area of this beautiful historical structure, as mentioned before, dates back to the Parthian period and pre-Islamic times, covering an area of over three hectares in the residential section, while some sources mention an area of 15,000 square meters. This area is associated with the Sharestan section. Narin Qaleh is a seven-story building in Meybod, designed with various towers, bastions, and different entrances.

Narin Castle

Narin Castle consists of two sections: the upper and lower parts. The upper part is the ruling section, consisting of three floors and reaching its end in a spiral shape in the residential area. In the upper section, some windows provide light to the upper part.

The other part of Meybod Castle is the lower section, which was inhabited by the people. It includes a mosque, a bathhouse, passageways, and other urban sections referred to as Sharestan in urban architecture. Unfortunately, today, no trace of these remains.


Which part of Narin Castle should we visit?

Before anything else, it is better to mention the exact location of this historical and global castle.

In Narin Castle, you can visit various parts of the castle. In this section, we intend to introduce them.


The Moat (Khandaq)

Old castles usually have a section called the moat. The moat is a place where they dig trenches in castles to seek refuge during enemy attacks. Moats are considered defensive and protective parts of every castle.


Four towers were built in this castle, but unfortunately, there are no traces of them remaining today. You can only observe the central part of these towers up close.


Rooms of Narin Castle

In Narin Castle, you can explore the intricate and interconnected rooms. These rooms are exciting to see and will leave you amazed. Some of the rooms in the lower part of the castle have not been discovered yet.


Wooden Bridge

The wooden bridge is another part of the castle. It is located in the western section of the castle and served as a connection between the castle and the city, especially during times of need when it was placed over the moat.

Narin Castle

Underground Networks

The architects of that era created accessible sections in Narin Castle. These areas were used for storing water, food, and other necessities for the people’s lives. Interestingly, these spaces were designed in a way that enemies and invaders could never gain access to them.


Narin Castle in Ferdowsi’s Works

If you refer to the works of the wise poet Ferdowsi, you can find mentions of this historical castle. It is said that the castle destroyed by Sohrab is the same as Narin Qaleh in Meybod.


Staying in Meybod

In the beautiful city of Meybod, you don’t have to worry about accommodation. There are various options available, ranging from modern and up-to-date hotels to traditional and local guesthouses.


Meybod Souvenirs

When you visit Narin Castle, be sure to explore the old alleyways of this historical city and enjoy the experience. In this traditional city, the first souvenir that catches your attention is the beautiful pottery and ceramics with attractive designs and colors.

Among other handicrafts of Meybod, one can mention Termeh (a type of Iranian handwoven cloth), Zilu (a type of traditional carpet), and Karbafi (a type of traditional straw mat). If you’re looking for delicious treats, we recommend checking out the traditional sweet shops. Traditional sweets are one of the most important souvenirs of Meybod and Yazd province. Qottab, Zoolbia, Baqlava, and Pashmak are among the most popular sweets in Meybod, available in most shops in the city.


Final Words

What has been mentioned is just a glimpse of the importance and beauty of Narin Castle. This castle is a representation of ancient history, dating back to pre-Christian times. Considering its significant value, if you visit it, you should be aware that it is your responsibility to preserve this historical monument.

This monument itself is a testament to ancient times and should not be treated as a mere souvenir. It has preserved itself from the ravages of war and enemies and has reached our era. We, too, must strive to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.

Narin Castle

Historical artifacts are the birth certificates of this country, full of ups and downs, and we should consider them as dear as our own lives and make efforts to pass them on to future generations, so they can become familiar with the history of this land. Narin Castle is open to visitors from 8 am until sunset, and you can plan your visit accordingly. Considering that Meybod is one of the hot cities, the best time to visit is during the fall and spring seasons. The summer heat may not be pleasant for those who seek refuge from the heat. Eligasht Travel wishes you a pleasant journey, dear fellow travelers. Stay with us as we create a wonderful and unforgettable memory for you.



1- What is the historical significance of Narin Castle?

Narin Castle holds great historical importance as it dates back to ancient times, even before the Christian era. It serves as a remarkable testament to the region’s rich past.

2- What can visitors expect to see at Narin Qaleh?

Visitors can explore the central part of the castle, including interconnected rooms and the remaining structures. Although the four towers are no longer present, the castle’s architecture and intricate rooms offer a fascinating experience.

3- What is the architectural style of Narin Castle?

Narin Qaleh showcases a unique blend of architectural styles from different periods. It reflects the traditional building techniques of the region, with mud bricks, sun-dried clay, and mortar being the primary materials used. The castle’s intricate details and decorative elements are a testament to the craftsmanship of the time.

4- What are the recommended souvenirs to buy in Meybod, near Narin Qaleh?

Meybod offers a range of local souvenirs to take home. Some popular options include beautiful pottery and ceramics with intricate designs and vibrant colors. Additionally, you can find traditional textiles like Termeh, Zilu carpets, and Karbafi straw mats. Don’t forget to indulge in delicious traditional sweets such as Qottab, Zoolbia, Baqlava, and Pashmak.

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