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18 best winter destinations in Europe

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Best winter destinations in Europe attract people who want to see the beautiful snowy nature or the dreamy Christmas markets in Europe up close or want to escape from the cold weather to warm and coastal areas.

Winter in Europe has different faces; At the North Pole, it is heavy snowfall and weeks without sunlight, while in the Mediterranean, you can enjoy the sunshine. In the countries of Central Europe, the mood of Christmas and colorful cafes will delight you.

Traveling to Europe in winter is an ideal time to visit big cities and charming European villages. In this season, you will not face the wave of tourists and high accommodation prices, and you can have a cheap trip to Europe in November, December, January, and February. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to 18 best winter destinations in Europe.

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1. Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, the land of Christmas stereotypes, is considered the residence of Santa Claus, and it is one of the best winter destinations in Europe. The beloved and kind old man with a white beard lives in a beautiful cave in this polar region, and it is completely free to meet him. Snow and deer make the Christmas mood of this place more. In the Arktikum Museum, you can learn more about the life of the people of this region. Finland’s air temperature in winter is much colder than in other countries. So don’t forget to bring warm winter clothes with you.

Rovaniemi, Finland

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the magical land of snow, is another one of the best winter destinations in Europe. It doesn’t matter what season you travel to this city; Prague has its beauty at any time of the year, and each one is a different experience.

In winter, Prague’s Old Town (Old Quarter) is quieter and usually covered with snow and ice. Prague’s old town is considered a romantic destination in winter to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Walk on the Charles Bridge and participate in one of the Prague Castle tours. This castle is one of the highlights of Czech history.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt in Switzerland is one of the ideal winter destinations in Europe. If dreamy views of snow-capped mountains and European countryside excite you, choose Zermatt for your winter trip. This city has attracted the attention of professional skiers in recent years. The ski resort of Zermatt is also very famous and is considered a sightseeing place.

A cable car takes skiers to the top of the Klein Matterhorn in the winter and hikers in the summer. This peak is 3,883 meters long, and from its top, you will see an amazing view of the world in which we live.

In Zermatt, no one can drive in the city with a gasoline or diesel car. All the cars you will see in this city are electric and do not pollute much. So in one sentence, we can say: Zermatt is a city with complete facilities where you can breathe nature in the true sense. In general, the nature of Switzerland is very extraordinary and dreamlike. You can fall in love with just one trip.

Zermatt, Switzerland

4. Abisko, Sweden

Abisko in Lapland is the northernmost point in Europe that you can travel to by train. This village is an ideal winter destination in Europe for people who love the winter season. In December and January, the sun does not rise for several weeks. This darkness has made this village one of the best places to watch the aurora borealis.

Other attractions of Abisko include skiing on the slopes of the national park and sledding with husky dogs. Try to stop near Kiruna and visit the famous ice hotel.

5. Vienna, Austria

There is probably no better city for winter destinations in Europe than Vienna to spend cold winter days and nights. A city once home to the Habsburg royal family, where grand neoclassical palaces sit alongside deco-decorated cafes and bustling drink shops. During January, this central European cultural center hosts events such as the Vienna Philharmonic and the Neujahrskonzert. In December, the Rathaus exhibition, the Spittelberg markets, and the food festival at Schönbrunn Palace – where Delicious drinks served with veal cutlets and sauerkraut and gingerbread – held. And when you’re done in the city, you can head west, where Salzburg’s ski slopes are tucked into the northern slopes of the Alps.

6. Athens, Greece

Athen is one of the best winter destinations in Europe to travel to. If you visit Athens in the summer, you might have to remove 500 people from the photo you took at the Parthenon with Photoshop. But you will not have this problem in winter. In the summer, many tourists visit Athens, so the prices are very high, and the heat, pollution, and long queues will make you frustrated and upset.

Winter is the best time to visit this ancient city and learn about its local culture. Be sure to visit the islands of Athens.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

To experience the most dreamy winter in Europe, you cannot pass by the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Visit Copenhagen’s cozy and charming bars and cafes and enjoy watching the snowfall.

In the heart of the city, Tivoli Gardens, a 19th-century park, is one of the most attractive winter destinations in Europe. Lightings and hot drinks sold in the park add to its charms.

Be sure to visit Noma restaurant, which according to many tourists, is the best restaurant in the world. Of course, the tables of this restaurant are booked quickly; Therefore, you should reserve your table several months in advance.

8. Budapest, Hungary

Couples skating hand in hand in the cold winter weather; In no other part of the world can they see such beautiful scenery as the city park ice skating rink (Városligeti Műjégpálya).

If you feel cold after skating, you can visit the hot baths in Budapest, one of the greatest winter destinations in Europe. Make sure to go to the Ruin Pub at night and drink in this charming bar in an old and abandoned building.

Budapest, Hungary

9. Karaków, Poland

From the first snowfall in Karakoff, the nickname “wonderland in winter” is on the lips of the city. Echoing through the ice-covered foliage in Planty Park, strolling through the misty streets of the Old Town, and winding around the towering Gothic spires of the city’s many churches. Christmas trees, ice-skating rinks, and craft markets are everywhere, but the charm of the Karaków winter is much more than that. It can also be found in the underground drink shops in Kazimierz or the oscypek smoked cheese shops near Zakopane.

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

Under the varied colors of the Northern Lights and the unrelenting darkness of Iceland’s long winter nights, the city of Reykjavík blossoms with its dreamy lights and festivals from December to March. New Year’s Eve is the best of all when the volcanic mountains around the city are lit up with various fireworks and locals drink Scandinavian drinks. At the same time, the famous Winter Lights Festival in February hosts wonderful cultural events and various art shows. In addition, Iceland’s natural attractions are also spectacular, from the cascading Blue Lagoon to the ski slopes of Bláfjöll and Skálafell, and it is one of the best winter destinations in Europe.

Reykjavik, Iceland

11. London, England

In the run-up to Christmas, Hyde Park’s winter wonderland will ramp up its inner-city skating rinks and merry-go-rounds. At the same time, independent coffee shops in Shoreditch and Dalston will continue to serve caramel lattes and hot chocolates as usual. Afterward, enjoy the much-loved West End pantomimes and shows, and of course, the fabulous shopping at Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Westfield, and Carnaby.

12. Frankfurt, Germany

in late November, Frankfurt’s legendary Christmas markets are filled with dreamy lights, carousels, feuerzangenbowle, hot and aromatic drinks, grilled sausages, and craft and art shops. it’s easy to see why this Hessen city remains one of The top tourist destinations for visitors to Germany in December. Although the fame of this city as one of the economic centers of Europe makes it come to mind a different face, this does not contradict the withholding of many celebrations in Romerberg Square and Pauls Platz in the early winter season.

13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

No list of the best winter destinations in Europe would be complete without Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this city, you can enjoy the charms of the city and immerse yourself in the culture of this city, From art to museums, history, and architecture. Amsterdam is an amazing destination.

14. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the ideal winter destinations in Europe for travel. July and August are the busiest months for travel, and a large crowd of tourists who have come for a summer trip can be seen in this city. In the winter, you can enjoy the solitude and peace of this city. Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s culture and enjoy this city’s delicious food and nightlife.

15. Yasna, Slovakia

One of the best winter destinations in Europe Is Slovakia, quality ski facilities are provided for tourists at a low cost. Accommodations and food are also reasonably priced in this country. One feature that distinguishes the Slovak ski resort from other ski resorts in the Alps is its friendly atmosphere.

Jasná is one of the best winter destinations in Europe, With slopes covered with fir trees in the lovely Tatras mountains.

Yasna, Slovakia

16. Transylvania, Romania

Can’t you visit Dracula’s castle on a sunny day and hear the goats bleating on the plains? Instead, you can experience gray skies, dry trees, and snowfall. Braşov and Sighisoara are two very beautiful medieval cities that are only 2 hours away from each other by train, which are among the best winter destinations in Europe.

These two cities have a close relationship with Vlad the Third (Vlad Tepes) or the historical Dracula; Of course, there are many doubts about him stepping into his castle. Remember that Bram Stoker never traveled to Romania, So don’t expect to find parallels between this country and the Dracula books and movies.

17. Canary Islands

One of the best winter destinations in Europe is the Canary Islands. These islands are geographically located in Africa and part of the Kingdom of Spain. Enjoy the warm weather, long and beautiful beaches and Spanish culture on these islands.

Plan to visit the Canary Islands in winter. You can visit the islands of Hierro (El Hierro), Palma (La Palma), Gomera (La Gomera), Tenerife, Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria), Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Put Lanzarote on your schedule.

Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the most popular islands in this region. Fuerteventura is an almost semi-arid island and ideal place for nature lovers, kite surfers, and beach lovers.

In the Canary Islands, you can experience climbing volcanic mountains, walking on black and white sand beaches, driving a jeep, and exploring hidden beaches and even a small grand canyon. If you like nightlife, Tenerife and Palma are the places to go.

18. Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway has two parts; Hills and heights and the city center. You can camp in high places and hills during your trip to this city and watch the beautiful view of Oslo from the height. If it is hard for you to bear the cold weather, you can stay in one of the nearby hotels. Boating and visiting city attractions such as the Opera House and participating in its events are among the activities you can experience in Oslo, one of the best winter destinations in Europe.

Final words

Winter travel can bring you new experiences. Different countries can be suitable and interesting for traveling in winter. Still, the green continent, Europe, with its unique features, is considered a good option for traveling in this season of the year. For this reason, in this article, we tried to present you with the best winter destinations in Europe.

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