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Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance of Different Airlines to Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

There are regular flights to Iran from locations all over the globe, and the ideal place to begin is in Tehran, the country’s capital city, which has a population of 8.3 million. It is a paradise for anyone who likes shopping; you may get lost in bazaars stacked floor to ceiling with saffron and other spices, as well as dazzling carpets and other traditional goods for sale. Before traveling to Iran, you should be aware of baggage allowance and the things you should not bring yourself to Iran. In this post from Eligasht – where you can book direct flights to Iran – we talk about Iran flights baggage allowance for different airlines.

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Iran Flights Baggage Allowance for All The International Airlines

To make things easier for you, we have produced a list of the top airlines operating flights to Iran, along with links to their websites so that you may check online for the most recent information about Iran flights baggage allowance. Iran flights baggage allowance might be difficult to understand since they change depending on the route and the class of seat, as well as the number of bags, their weight, and their dimensions, as well as the always shifting regulations that govern aviation.

In general, passengers may pay an extra cost to have their unique goods and excess luggage transported. A new safety rule has been implemented that places a 23-kilogram limit on the total weight of each individual piece of checked baggage for all airlines that fly into or out of Iran. This is not your whole luggage limit; rather, it is a precaution taken to lessen the risk of strains and accidents among the employees who handle baggage. Keep in mind that the information shown here is subject to change; thus, before you begin packing, you should always check the websites of your airline and airport (Imam Khomeini for arrival).

Turkish Airlines Policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

When traveling on routes that use the piece baggage concept, the maximum weight of a single piece of luggage is limited to 23 kilograms for Economy Class and 32 kilograms for Business Class passengers. You should check that you are not carrying any food products that are banned or forbidden in Iran so that you do not run into any problems when you attempt to enter the country. Under the piece baggage application, infant travelers are allowed one piece of luggage weighing 10 kg on each trip, while the piece baggage application allows infant travelers to bring 23 kg of baggage on flights.

In addition, strollers that are not more than 115 centimeters in length are permitted on all flights to Iran. Passengers traveling with children are permitted the same amount of luggage as those traveling with adults. Within the context of the IATA’s methodology, it is established which airline baggage regulations are relevant for international flights that are carried out as an interline with another airline (International Air Transport Association). The procedures followed by the Most Significant Carrier are applicable to the rights associated with luggage that may be transported within the parameters of these regulations. The Most Significant Carrier is almost always the airline that operates the longest leg. However, there are occasions when this is not the case.

When purchasing an Ecofly package for going to Iran, there is no provision for a “checked luggage allowance.” Checking the lists of areas operated with the KG application and regions operated with the piece baggage application will provide you with information on the luggage allowance for foreign flights. On international flights, passengers who share the same cabin with another passenger but have separate reservation (PNR) numbers are not permitted to combine their checked luggage limits with the individual they are flying with.

for more information please contact Turkish Airlines office.

Emirates Airlines Policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

On Emirates flights to Iran, passengers are subject to a set of basic norms and standards regarding their luggage allotment. Visit Manage your booking to find out how much more luggage will cost you and to verify the baggage restrictions that are particular to your trip o Iran. On routes that operate based on the notion of weight, you may be eligible for an increased luggage allowance if you are a member of the Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold, or Silver program.

When flying on Emirates flights only, Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold members are eligible for one additional piece of checked baggage at a rate of 23 kilograms per piece in Economy Class, 32 kilograms per piece in Business Class, and 44 kilograms per piece in First Class, above the limit that is printed on their tickets.

for more information please contact Emirates Airlines office.

Iran flights baggage allowance by Emirates

Class of travel Special Saver Flex Flex Plus
Economy Class 20 kg 25 kg 30 kg 35 kg
Class of travel Baggage allowance
Premium Economy 35 kg
Business Class 40 kg
First Class 50 kg

Qatar Airways Policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

The information that is provided here will assist you in determining Iran flights baggage allowance for Qatar Airways, which refers to the number of pieces of baggage and their combined weight that you are permitted to transport on your travel with Qatar Airways to Iran. Please verify the specific luggage restrictions that are written on your ticket, as they may differ depending on the route that you take and the cabin class that you choose. There is no restriction on the number of pieces that may be checked in for routes to Iran where the weight concept applies as long as the weight allowance for the total number of pieces is not exceeded.

This means that there is no limit on the number of parts that can be checked in. However, restrictions could be imposed due to the carrying capacity of the aircraft. There is a possibility that the allowed amount of baggage may change based on the flight and the ticket class. You may learn the maximum weight and number of items permitted for your trip while you are selecting your flights to Iran on Eligasht.co.uk, and you can also find this information on your ticket before your flight.

for more information please contact Qatar Airways office.

Iran Flights Baggage Allowance by Qatar Airways

Class fLIGHT baggage aLLOWANCE
Economy Classic 25kg (55lb)
Economy Convenience     30kg (66lb)
Economy Comfort 35kg (77lb)
Business Classic 40kg (88lb)
Business Comfort 40kg (88lb)
Business Elite 40kg (88lb)
First CLASS Elite 50kg (110lb)

Qatar Airways Pre-purchase additional baggage

If you pre-purchase your luggage in increments of 5 kilograms, you may save up to 70 percent off the usual rate on trips where the cost of the bag is determined by its weight (up to 100kgs of additional baggage). Every extra kilogram (2.2lb) is charged at the standard rate. In situations where luggage is set on a per-item basis, you may save up to 20% off the usual prices (a maximum of 5 additional pieces can be pre-purchased).

From/To Europe Australasia GCC Levant Iran Qatar
Europe $30 $25 $13 $13 $13 $13
Australasia $25 $55 $20 $20 $20 $20
GCC $13 $20 $8 $8 $8 $8
Levant $13 $20 $8 $8 $8 $8
Iran $13 $20 $8 $8 $8 $8
Qatar QAR 45 QAR 70 QAR 28 QAR 28 QAR 28

KLM Policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

When traveling in KLM Economy Class to Iran, the maximum number of checked baggage you are permitted to carry with you is dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of ticket you purchased. In addition, you are able to buy additional baggage at any time, either when booking or after booking. When traveling in Premium Comfort Class, passengers are permitted to carry two pieces of checked baggage with them. Each bag has a maximum capacity of 23 kilograms and may measure up to 158 centimeters in length, breadth, and height when adding the handles and wheels.

When you travel with KLM Business Class, you are permitted to carry two pieces of checked baggage with you. Every single bag has a limit of 32 kilograms and may measure up to 158 centimeters in length, breadth, and height when adding the handles and wheels. The kind of ticket your children have and whether or not they have their own seat will determine the maximum number of checked baggage you are permitted to carry for them.

Please be aware that if the packing or form of your luggage has the potential to cause damage or impede the baggage handling equipment, due to the KLM policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance, KLM airline will be forced to deny your baggage. This includes luggage that is shaped like balls and baggage that is wrapped in clingfilm that is designed to be used for food packing. Sealing done by professionals is permitted as long as it does not produce an unreasonable amount of luggage.

for more information please contact KLM Airlines office .

Iran Air Policy for Iran Flights Baggage Allowance

The following is an outline of Iran Air’s standard policy regarding checked baggage and hold luggage for Iran flights baggage allowance:

  • Two bags (standard), up to 10 bags (maximum) – up to 4 bags on Iran Air Connection)
  • The full length, breadth, and height allowed are 62 inches or 157 cm
  • The maximum permitted weight is either 23 kilos or 50 pounds
  • The fee to check extra baggage, which is defined as three or more bags per person, will range from $85 to $95 per bag while traveling to Iran with Iran Air

When we talk about “overweight and oversized bags,” we mean bags that weigh more than 50 pounds combined. On Iran Air, the costs for checking in overweight luggage are levied on top of any regular, extra, or hefty baggage fees that may be applicable. Bags that weigh more than 45 kilograms (99 pounds) are not permitted to be checked as baggage on Iran Air.

The vast majority of bags will be categorized as enormous if the total of their weight, length, and height is more than 62 inches. Additional costs for excessive luggage are added to any regular, extra, or overweight fees that may apply while flying Iran Air.

for more information please contact IRAN AIR Airlines office.

International Policy for Airlines Regarding Baggage Allowance

The regulations that govern how much baggage you are allowed to check in and any fees that may be associated with doing so are established by the airlines. These guidelines are subject to change based on factors such as your frequent flyer level, the item that you have bought, and the route that you travel. You will have a better understanding of the regulations governing checked and carry-on luggage, as well as the role that IATA plays in this area, by reading the following material.

Carry-on Baggage

There is a lot of variety in the amount of carry-on luggage that is permitted depending on the airline, the cabin class that you are flying in, and even the size of the aircraft. The maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are a length of 22 inches (56 centimeters), a width of 18 inches (45 centimeters), and a depth of 10 inches (25 centimeters). These measurements include things like wheels, handles, and side pockets, among other things.

The TSA requires passengers to bring certain sports goods and knives, sharp items, or cutting devices of any sort and length, regardless of whether they are made of metal or another substance, in their checked luggage. They are not allowed in cabin luggage and cannot be carried on your body either. The quantity of liquids, aerosols, and gels that may be brought in carry-on luggage is restricted because of security requirements.

Checked Baggage

IATA has established criteria for luggage, although the number of bags and weights that are permitted free of charge might vary depending on the airline, the frequent flyer status of the passenger, the route is taken, and the price of the ticket. Please verify with your airline before you fly to ensure that you are entirely informed of the checked luggage allowance that is included with your flight. This will help you avoid incurring any extra expenses.

It is recommended that each bag weighs less than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. Because airport personnel has to carry hundreds of bags on a daily basis, this is an international law that was established for their health and safety. If your suitcase is heavier than this, you will either be requested to repack it, or it will be tagged as “heavy baggage.”

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