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Flight duration from Imam Khomeini airport (IKA) to Manchester airport (MAN) is approximately 6 hours.
Iran Air departs Tehran at 5:55 am and arrives to Manchester at 9:00 am. The flight also leaves Manchester at 10:30 am arriving to Tehran at 20:15.
Iran Air will start one weekly flight from Manchester to Tehran from 04th of July 2020. Currently the flight is planned for three months only and the last flight will be on 24th of October 2020.
The Iran air baggage allowance is 40kg for adults and children on economy class and 50kg in business class (Homa Class). This allowance excludes hand luggage. Children below the age of 2 years have a baggage allowance of 10 Kg.
Check-in is only possible at the airport. Seats are allocated at the time of boarding in the airport. Passengers are advised to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight.
Your luggage allowance on all economy class tickets is 40KG and on Business ( Homa ) class is 50KG. Passengers can add up to 30KG on their Manchester – Tehran Segment at the price of £65 per 10KG. This has to be done at least 48 hours before your departure date.
Iran Air flights operate from Manchester Airport Terminal 1.
The flight schedule is on Sundays and Thursdays every week.
Please call 0202254868. Our call center representatives will help you with in booking the flight.
Online booking is currently unavailable for all Iran Air flights outside Iran. In order to book a flight Please call 0202254868.
Iran Air is currently the only airline operating direct flight from Manchester to Tehran.
You can book a oneway ticket to Tehran only if you have an Irannian passport or a long term residency permit. Passengers traveling to Iran on a short stay visa cannot book a one-way ticket with Iran Air unless they have a confirmed flight ticket for leaving the country with another airline.
Iran Air does not operate direct flights from Manchester to any city other than Tehran. Passengers can book their domestic ticket to other cities with Iran Air or any other Airline. Domestic Flights to other cities are operated from Mehrabad airport which is almost 48 Km away from Imam Khomeini airport.
These is a well operated taxi service from Imam Khomeini to any destination including Mehrabad Airport. There is a 50 minutes’ drive between the two airports and a taxi will cost almost £5.