The company to return its activity has begun since 2000, this year's travelers complete satisfaction always put your most important objectives and provide quality service to passengers and new partner agency, could be leading in the industry. On the other hand, welcomed the top flight routes to speed travelers to find a way to expand that nowadays in most main routes is the highest flight capacity. The most powerful company to patrol with the highest standard of infrastructure and the most complete distribution network strives to provide the best service and always using the manufacturer's comments and the establishment of a new basic members of communication with users, brokers, airlines and tour guides, take a step in the direction of your ultimate goal. We each have the opportunity to know and challenge we believe our position as one of the most well-known pioneers in the tourism industry is well established.
Reasons for choosing ELI Gasht

Reasons for choosing ELI Gasht

In order to improve the quality of tourism services in the country, with the aim of fast company to patrol distribution services of tourism along with the highest quality and by providing online services unique to the travel agency was able to quickly cover with most travel agencies and tourism, as the biggest collection in the industry will be introduced. At present more than 600 agencies in Tehran and 1000 active members in the city agency of this collection and its extensive online services used. While most companies still use traditional methods for the registration of the contract, the hotel reservation and related financial, a company used to patrol with the online rotation system setup step in the direction of long-term satisfaction of passengers and fellow agencies has taken the most simple way and in the most rapid possible time, distinctive features of this collection use.
We have a simple philosophy on a patrol to follow: the use of talent and strong tools to create superior service and complete satisfaction of passengers. Our staff every day a little cassette this philosophy in its workforce, and to believe that they could have been in the best customer experience and recollection are effective. The result will be that we always offer optimal service and quality to its customers.

The most comprehensive for booking flight, hotel, tour and travel insurance

Today in most parts of the world, bookings oxidation hotel and tickets to various services travel to best meet the company to come along with new developments in the tourism industry and the movement of international companies into the online shopping site online airfare, hotel booking and foreign tour with the possibility of online booking of 200,000 hotels and 900 airlines more international cities around the world in 1200 provided for monetary.
Eli was possible to book a plane ticket , hotel and tour through communicate seamlessly with leading systems for airline tickets and hotel in the world (GDS) has done them in your extended network (which communicates directly with the airline internal and external and hotels are considered valid tourist routes such as Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Maldives, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and created) is connected to the charter tickets, hotel warranty and foreign tourism in the form of package offers, travelers can according to your needs, choose a different travel services,
Hotels worldwide
Authentic and international airlines
Cities around the world


Customer Relationship Policy

Travel and tourism company organizing tours and tickets to return home and abroad to investigate and Accountability Fast complaints, comments and constructive Customer Recommendation National and international obligations related to tourism Tour.
Create a customer-centric environment to allocate the necessary resources in order to get feedback from customers.
Create a free process, effective and easy to use for customers to facilitate the offering statement.
Promote knowledge and awareness of staff to answer customer relationship management and continuous training.
Secure and confident about the privacy and identity of the customer's complaint.
Establishing appropriate bridges and new customers to facilitate the receipt of the complaint.
Our managers and employees Of ELIGASHT:
Customer satisfaction and we hope to have made continuous efforts and increasing the satisfaction of our clients.