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Buy airline tickets: Cheap, easy and just a few clicks in a fraction of a second

In the past, buying tickets from airline agencies took a lot of time and money, but Eliegast company will provide you access to More than 900 flights in 70 countries with the best possible price and flight conditions. Buy flight ticket (charter tickets and plans for foreign and domestic flights) online. .
Eligasht online booking system provides the ability to buy tickets + hotel with travel services based on your needs. Buy airline tickets and book your hotel at the same time.

Booking airline tickets in just a few minutes

Book ticket on the site, without having to waste time and spend extra money, reserve it in just a few minutes. Using online booking options, after choosing your destination, and checking available tickets for airfare and flight time then pay for it electronically. these steps will be completed in the shortest possible time and airline tickets will be booked online. By using online support services, experience the easiest and least costly way to book a ticket

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Search flights

In the search box, select the air ticket option then In the search form, enter the destination information, departure date and number of passengers finally click the search button.


Select and book airline ticket

You can choose the most appropriate ticket in terms of cost and time in the shortest time by comparing and checking the available tickets.


Receive tickets at the moment

Once you complete the Traveler and Buyer Information Form and get the airline ticket payment online, at the moment you receive the ticket in your email.

Buy foreign and domestic tickets

We are here to help you choose the best option to make a dream journey. The Exclusive team, using the most comprehensive online booking system, has been able to provide more than 900 domestic and foreign airline tickets to its airline. You can compare the millions of flights on the site and begin your journey with each of these flights

In addition to buying a cheap airline ticket, you can buy it charter ticket like Istanbul Ticket، Antaliya Ticket، Kuşadası Ticket، Ankara Ticket، Dubai Ticket، Beijing Ticket، Shanghai Ticket، Kuala Lumpur Ticket، Bangkok Ticket،  Moscow Ticket And there's a system that is surely cheaper because of the cheaper features

Airfare price

If you do not have a long flight time, we can offer you more flights at cheap prices for domestic flights and foreign flights. Just specify the origin and destination of your trip. Prices will be shown to you respectively. As you approach the bottom of the list, you will find more expensive and better-priced flights

Be the first to have Airplane ticket price Last minute will be notified! By subscribing to the alert system, you can find out about cheap flights and the last minute flights, even flights that have completed their capacity. Just enter your email or mobile to inform you

You can take advantage of the following benefits by purchasing airline tickets online:
  • Buy tickets to all parts of the country including tickets to Mashhad, Kish, Isfahan, Ahvaz  and ...
  • Buy foreign tickets worldwide including tickets to Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Dubai, Bangkok, Beijing, Vancouver and...
  • Presentation Inbound flight tickets and foreign tickers Based on the best prices and also the possibility of purchasing Cheap ticket
  • Purchase with over 900 airliners including Iran Air، Aviation flight، Shining airline، Turkish Airlines،Jet Atlas, El Amarat، Al-Ittihad Airlines، Qatar Airways Airways، Air France، KLM Airlines
  • Possibility to purchase services with tickets including airport transfers, travel insurance, visas, airport services
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