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A complete guide to the famous Rijksmuseum

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Rijksmuseum tourist guide

A picturesque museum that is 200 years old is such a fantastic attraction that regardless of the items inside you can plan a visit just to see it and nothing else. Now add the fact that this is the national museum of a country that homes some of the most important artists of the human history, namely Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, and Frans Hals and visiting it becomes a must. In the Rijksmuseum tourist guide, we will show you why the national museum of the Netherlands is one of the best museums of the not only the country but also the entire world.

Located in the famous Amsterdam, which was one of the most important commercial ports of the world for a long time, Rijksmuseum is so much noticeable that no one will simply miss it. It is situated at the worldly known museum square, close to three more famous landmarks of the city, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam, and of course the Royal Concertgebouw.

Rijksmuseum is so glimmering that in the impressive capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands, where is one of the cultural gems of Europe with numerous museums, theaters, universities, and academies it tops the bucket list of every single visitors of the city.

The collection of Rijksmuseum homes more than 1 million objects of art and history belonging to the period of 1200 to 2000. Of course, there are only 8000 objects on display that are still so many. This complete collection turned the Rijksmuseum into one of the most visited museums of Europe with more than 2.5 million visitors every year.

In this Rijksmuseum tourist guide, we will provide some tips and helps with this fabulous attraction of Amsterdam.

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The history of Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum has an amazing history. In the beginning and in 1800 it was founded in the famous city of The Hague. The national museum just stayed in there for 8 years and in 1808 has been moved to the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. This move was by the decree of Louis Bonaparte, the king of Netherlands and brother of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Although this is the city where Rijksmuseum is located now, in the beginning its first building was the Royal Palace, then it has moved to the Trippenhuis, a neoclassical mansion in the heart of the city. In the end, after its location has changed three times, the national museum of the Netherlands came to its current building.

This building that is impressively iconic was designed by the famous Pierre Cuypers. The Dutch architect designed it in a basically neo-Renaissance style while there are some elements of the Gothic style in it as well. The current building was opened in 1885, and of course, it has never changed its location since then.

When to visit the Rijksmuseum

In this part of our Rijksmuseum tourist guide, we will provide a few tips about the best time to visit the attraction. This way you can plan your trip somehow that you can have the best out of your visit.

As one of the most visited museums in Europe, you surely do not wish to visit the Rijksmuseum while it is filled with numerous visitors. Fortunately, there are some ways to skip the crowd and have a more private time with this historic gem of the Amsterdam.

As a matter of fact, the high season of the city is April through August, and with huge tourists in the city, Rijksmuseum will surely have a high number of visitors. There is also a huge wave of tourists and locals in the city during the New Year’s holidays that you may not be willing to face.

Rushing to the low season of November through the middle of December is not a good idea here as the weather will be a negative factor. You surely do not wish to visit the colorful city of Amsterdam during the cool and dismal days of it, even if the prices are extremely low and the crowd is significantly less.

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How to visit the Rijksmuseum

The fact that it is one of the most expensive museums in the Europe with an admission fee of 17.50 Euros should not disappoint you. It is really worth it.

You can simply stay in a queue and buy the tickets which usually takes a long time or purchase them online and skip the line that will bring you some extra exploration time.

A tip as the last part of our Rijksmuseum tourist guide, try to have the application made for the museum, as it helps you more than you think it would do.

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