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Opert Village; Iran’s Cloud Ocean

Opert Village

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Opert Village

Located at the northernmost point of Semnan and the southernmost point of Mazandaran, Opert Village showcases one of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country. This area, known as “Opert Village,” boasts lush and pristine nature, beautiful plains, sparkling springs, and a moderate climate. However, what draws the attention of tourists and nature enthusiasts to Opert is its forest, often referred to as the “Cloud Ocean” of this region. Join Eligasht to learn more about the dreamlike region of Opert Village.

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Opert Village, the Cloud Ocean at the junction of forest and mountains

Opert Village, the Cloud Ocean, lies at the border of the forest and mountains. At the highest point of Opert, there is a wall of mountains that blocks the path of clouds towards the northern slopes and Mazandaran Province, creating a sea of clouds. In this direction, the Cloud Ocean is in full view, with the lush forests of Savadkuh visible as the backdrop behind the clouds. However, in the southern part of the region, there is less greenery, and rainfall is scarce in this area.

Opert Village, with its unique nature, is filled with gushing and sparkling springs, verdant plains, and an ocean of clouds. As spring and summer arrive, nomads make their way to this beautiful and green region, grazing their sheep and herds in Opert Village. Therefore, those who enjoy observing the nomadic way of life can visit this area during the spring to late summer period and not only interact with the nomadic people but also purchase fresh dairy and livestock products from them.

From early Ordibehesht (April/May) to early Mehr (September/October), this region is bustling with nomads and tourists. However, as the weather gets colder and less favorable, Opert becomes uninhabited, and fewer tourists visit this area.

Opert Village

Route to Opert Village, Semnan

The route to Opert Village in Semnan is accessible through Mahdishahr County. The village is located about 55 kilometers from Mahdishahr, and to reach it, you need to follow the road from Mahdishahr to Sari.

After approximately 30 kilometers on the left side, you will come across a sign indicating the entrance to the protected area. Continuing through the villages of Colim, Kavar, and Maladeh, you will reach Sorkhdeh, where you should take the right turn to arrive at Opert Village in Semnan.

The distance from Tehran to Opert is approximately 318 kilometers. If you start from Tehran, you need to travel via Firuzkuh and then head towards Varask and Kheirabad Mountains to reach Opert. Additionally, the distance from Sari to Opert is about 171 kilometers. Please note that due to the mountainous terrain, the road conditions in some areas of Opert might be somewhat unfavorable and unpaved.

Address of Opert Village: Semnan Province, 55 kilometers north of Mahdishahr County.


Recreation in the village of Opert, Semnan

One of the most attractive recreational activities in the village of Opert in Semnan is mountaineering and hiking. Additionally, this area is known for its high plant diversity, making it a suitable place for collecting medicinal plants such as thyme, serok, gogpeh, orshmak, oak chu, koolak, sa’alb, elzi, mazeshku, and oji. Other recreational activities in this area include:

1- Nature Walks: Walking in the lush and picturesque nature of Opert is one of the most enjoyable activities in this area. However, you should have suitable footwear for this activity.

2- Visiting Springs and Waterfalls: This area has numerous springs, including Qolghol Cheshme, Payin Luti Garcheshme, Kongol Cheshme, Kale Cheshme, and Balaluti Garcheshme. Additionally, there are other attractions near Opert, such as Hiku Gorge, Emaret-e Ebrahim Khan Maladeh, Finisk Spring, Bula Forest, Googli Road, Badab Sort Springs, Khazeh Bon Waterfall, and Rash and Anjili Forests.

3- Interacting with Tribes and Sangsar Il: If you travel to Opert in the summer, you can enjoy interacting with tribes and Sangsar Il. Additionally, you can purchase various fresh dairy and livestock products from them if interested.

4- Organizing Friendly Gatherings: Instead of getting caught up in the virtual world and the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy organizing friendly gatherings in the heart of nature in Opert.

Opert Village

Best time to travel to the village of Opert

The best time to travel to the village of Opert is during the spring and summer seasons. During these seasons, you can admire the ocean of clouds from the beautiful Opert mountain. If you love the colorful autumn season, you can visit Opert during this time and enjoy the sight of the multicolored forest. However, in the autumn season, with rainfall and cold weather, it is essential to travel to Opert with sufficient equipment.

In the winter season, the weather in this area becomes very cold, and temperatures drop significantly with the arrival of the night. Therefore, we do not recommend traveling to Opert during the winter season.

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Accommodation in the village of Opert in Semnan

For accommodation in the village of Opert  Semnan, you can camp in this area or stay overnight in the eco-lodges of the Opert village. Although it is possible to visit this area during a day trip, the breathtaking and unique nature, as well as the moderate climate of Opert village, tempt every tourist to stay for at least one night in this area. We recommend bringing sufficient equipment such as a tent and sleeping bag and spending the night in this area during your trip to Opert.

Opert Village

Final words

The village of Opert is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country. This mountainous region is well-known among tourists for its ocean of clouds. The lush and scenic nature and abundant springs of Opert have doubled the charm of this area.

We recommend joining professional tour packages and being accompanied by guides familiar with the region on your first trip to Opert. In this way, you can fully experience the beauty of this area and avoid potential risks.



  1. Where is Opert village located?

Opert village is located in the Semnan province of Iran. It is situated in the mountainous region of the province, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and abundant natural beauty.


  1. What are the main attractions in Opert village?

Opert village offers several attractions for visitors to enjoy. Some of the main attractions include breathtaking views of the ocean of clouds, numerous springs and waterfalls, opportunities for mountaineering and hiking, and the chance to interact with local tribes.


  1. When is the best time to visit Opert village?

The best time to visit village is during the spring and summer seasons. These seasons offer pleasant weather, vibrant nature, and clear views. Autumn is also beautiful with colorful foliage. However, it’s important to note that winters can be extremely cold, so it’s not recommended to visit during that time.


  1. What accommodation options are available in this village?

In Opert , you have the option to camp in the area or stay overnight in eco-lodges. Camping allows you to immerse yourself in nature, while eco-lodges provide more comfortable accommodations. It’s advisable to bring camping equipment or make reservations in advance if you prefer staying in the lodges.

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