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Amlash in Gilan, a city with unique attractions

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Amlash in Gilan

Amlash County is one of the most beautiful and pristine tourist areas in Gilan province, which annually hosts thousands of tourists from all over Iran and the world, with its lush nature, moderate climate, and rich historical heritage. This county is considered a real paradise for nature and history enthusiasts, with it s extraordinary views of rivers, mountains, tea gardens, rice terraces, and citrus trees. Train ticket

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Geography and climate of Amlash in Gilan

Amlash County is located 75 kilometers away from Rasht, and it shares borders with Ramsar and Langaroud to the north, Siahkal and Ramsar to the south, Ramsar to the east, and Ramsar and Siahkal to the west. This county is divided into three parts: plains, foothills, and mountains. The most important rivers in this region include Shalmanrud and Polrud, which originate from the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range and ultimately flow into the Caspian Sea.

The plains and foothills of Amlash were once covered with dense forests, but now most of these areas have been transformed into tea gardens. The plains have a moderate climate, while the mountainous parts experience cold winters covered in snow and pleasant cool summers.


History of Amlash County

The history of civilization in Amlash dates back to the first and second millennia BC, according to archaeological findings. The historical remains in this city indicate its ancient history and rich culture. Amlash is formed from two parts, “Am” and “Lash,” meaning lazy and stagnant river, respectively, and its people are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The major agricultural products of Amlash include rice, tea, wheat, pistachios, and citrus fruits.


Natural attractions of Amlash in Gilan

In the following guide, we will become more familiar with the natural attractions of Amlash in Gilan:


Bolur Dokan Village

Bolur Dokan Village is located in the Lat Leil district of Otaqvar County in Langaroud city, 12 kilometers southwest of Amlash. With its roaring river, enchanting landscapes, and dense green forests, this village is considered one of the most beautiful natural attractions around Amlash. There is an old bridge over the river in this village, which used to be a busy route connecting Amlash to places such as Koholestan, Lat Leil, Garask, Bolur Dokan, Holudasht, Mian Langeh, Ismailabad, and finally Qazvin.Amlash in Gilan

Summer Residence Village

This village is located in a mountainous region in the south of Amlash and attracts many tourists with its heavenly landscapes. Most of the villagers are engaged in tea cultivation and animal husbandry. The access route to the Summer Residence Village, with its beautiful and mountainous nature, is an easy path. The natural attractions of this village include the seasonal waterfall of Khoramdarreh, Shalmanrud River, and a clear spring.

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Rankouh Village

Rankouh Village is located five kilometers from Amlash and is bordered by Rudsar and Rahimabad counties to the north and east. This village has a forested and mountainous nature with a cool and cold climate in the southern part and a moist and mild climate in the northern part. Mount Sahra Kotam with an elevation of 800 meters is one of the popular destinations for mountaineers.


Date Forest Area

The Date Forest Area, with its pristine nature and unique landscapes, is one of the popular tourist destinations in Amlash. The vegetation in this forest area is filled with broad-leaved plain trees such as Touska, Lark, Lilak, and Afra. This area is considered a suitable place for nature enthusiasts and photographers due to its beautiful hiking trails and small rivers.

Amlash in Gilan

Zarbijar Wetland

Zarbijar Wetland is another natural attraction in Amlash, located in the heart of lush and green forests. This wetland, with its clear waters and beautiful views, is a peaceful and pleasant place for tourists to rest and relax. Zarbijar Wetland is home to various species of birds and aquatic animals and has gained attention from birdwatchers and photographers due to its natural and pristine environment.


Holudasht Summer Resort

Holudasht Summer Resort, with its green heights and cool and pleasant climate, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the summer season. This resort, with its stunning views of plains and green meadows, is a suitable place for mountaineering, picnicking, and relaxation in the heart of nature. The access route to Holudasht Summer Resort passes through dense forests and roaring rivers, which is itself an exciting experience.


Historical Attractions of Amlash

In this section of the guide, we will become more acquainted with the historical attractions of Amlash:


Abdolali Khan Sofi Mansion

Abdolali Khan Sofi Mansion is one of the most important historical landmarks in Amlash, with a history of several hundred years. This mansion, with its traditional and beautiful architecture, reflects the ancient culture and history of this region. Abdolali Khan Sofi Mansion is located amidst a large and lush garden and is recommended for history and architecture enthusiasts to visit.

Amlash in Gilan

Ancient Historical Sites and Cemeteries

Amlash County is home to ancient cemeteries with historical tombstones that reflect the antiquity and long history of this region. These cemeteries, with their engraved and beautifully carved tombstones, are a reflection of the art and culture of the ancestors of this area.


Historical Bridges of Amlash

Amlash is known for its numerous historical bridges that have survived from different eras. These bridges, with their unique architecture and remarkable strength, are symbols of advanced engineering and Iranian architectural art from the past.

Amlash in Gilan

Culture and Customs of the People

This section of the guide is dedicated to introducing the culture and customs of the people of Amlash in Gilan.


People and Language

The people of Amlash mainly speak Gilaki and have their own distinct culture and customs. This region, with its cultural and linguistic diversity, has a rich cultural heritage, and its people attach great importance to preserving and maintaining their traditions and customs.



Amlash, with its diverse handicrafts such as carpets, kilims, woodwork, and pottery, is a suitable place for art and handicraft enthusiasts. These handicrafts, made by the skilled hands of local artisans, represent the culture and art of this region.


Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Amlash, with its unique flavors and aromas, is considered one of the cultural attractions of this area. Some of the famous dishes in this region include Mirza Ghasemi, Baghala Ghatogh, Kebab Torsh, and various seafood dishes. These dishes are prepared using fresh and local ingredients and have an authentic and exquisite taste.


Tourism and Accommodation in Amlash, Gilan

In the following, we will explore the tourism and accommodation options in Amlash, Gilan

Amlash in Gilan


Amlash County, with its diverse and beautiful eco-lodges, provides a suitable place to experience rural life and get acquainted with the local culture. These lodges, with their proper facilities and charming surroundings, offer a unique and memorable experience for tourists.


Final words

Amlash County, with its pristine and beautiful nature, rich history and culture, and hospitable people, is one of the top tourist destinations in Gilan province. Visiting this county not only provides an opportunity to explore the natural beauty and unique historical sites but also offers a different and memorable experience of living in the heart of nature and getting acquainted with local culture and customs.

Amlash in Gilan, with its abundant natural and historical attractions, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and those interested in culture. A trip to this beautiful county allows you to escape everyday life and spend peaceful and enjoyable moments in the midst of pristine and beautiful nature. Therefore, if you are looking for a destination for a unique and memorable journey, Amlash can be one of your best choices.



1- What historical attractions are there in Amlash?

Amlash County is home to several historical attractions, including the Abdolali Khan Sofi Mansion, ancient cemeteries with historical tombstones, and historical bridges. These relics reflect the antiquity and long history of this region.


2- What language do people in Amlash speak?

The people of Amlash predominantly speak Gilaki. This language is one of the local languages in Gilan province and has its own unique culture and customs.


3- What are the famous local dishes in Amlash?

Some of the famous local dishes in Amlash include Mirza Ghasemi (a traditional eggplant dish), Baghala Ghatogh (a dish made with fava beans), Kebab Torsh (sour kebab), and various seafood dishes. These dishes are prepared using fresh and local ingredients and have an authentic and exquisite taste.


4- What local festivals and events take place in Amlash?

Some of the local festivals and events in Amlash include the Tea Festival and the Citrus Festival. These events provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture and purchase local products.


5- How are the eco-lodges in Amlash?

The eco-lodges in Amlash provide a pleasant and unique experience for tourists with their suitable facilities and charming surroundings. These lodges allow you to get up close to rural life and the local culture.


6- How can one access Amlash?

Amlash County is connected to neighboring cities and the center of Gilan province through main and secondary roads. The access routes to Amlash pass through lush forests and beautiful rivers, providing a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts.


7- What should one consider when traveling to Amlash?

When traveling to Amlash, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing for hiking and walking in nature and to use local guides for visiting tourist attractions and historical sites. Additionally, pay special attention to preserving the environment and disposing of waste in designated areas.

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