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Shif Island, the Sandy Gem of the Persian Gulf

Shif Island

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Shif Island

In the northern part of the port city of Bushehr, there is a unique island made of sand called Shif Island. It is located next to the “Helleh Lagoon,” with a short distance from the sea and does not have much natural beauty. If you travel to Bushehr Province in the city of Bushehr, we recommend that you visit this sandy and extraordinary island to enjoy its attractions and be present among its notable sights. Domestic and international flights are available.

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Shif Island and the path to reaching the heart of sandy Bushehr

Shif Island is a point of interest in Bushehr that will amaze you at first glance. It is a highly attractive yet small island on the shores of the perpetually azure Persian Gulf and in Bushehr Province, which consists of two main neighborhoods called “Owasi” and “Hayareh.” It may be hard to believe, but this island is divided into two parts by a small river.

Shif is located approximately 12 kilometers northeast of Bushehr and 6 kilometers from Bushehr Port in terms of accessibility. The island is inhabited by around 4,200 people who make a living through navigation, fishing, and activities in the Persian Gulf, shaping their lives. Another interesting fact is that the language spoken by the people on this island is Arabic, but with a distinct and unique dialect.


Tracing the historical footprint on Shif Island

An interesting point to know about Shif Island is that it has a rich and eventful history. In other words, the entire Hormozgan Province can be considered a living witness to a historical and adventurous journey. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the previous name of Shif Island was “Seif” or “Sheikh Saad” Island. The initial name was inspired by the name “Sheikh Sa’dun,” who was a brave and respected Iranian warrior. During that era, Shif Island had a special and highly strategic position. It was located on the trade route between Iran and the countries of the Persian Gulf region, leading to significant economic prosperity for the island and the region.

Until 1327, a person named “Ahmad Khan Angaali” ruled over this island, but due to the uprising of the island’s people, he migrated away. Currently, his place of residence on Shif Island has turned into ruins.


Traveling to Shif Island through the sandy sea

Undoubtedly, for a trip to Bushehr and then to the surrounding islands, it will be necessary to cross the Persian Gulf. But the amazing point to mention about traveling to Shif Island is that you can drive through dirt roads with your car and at the same time be on the water as well.

There is a sandy road here that will take you to Shif Island. You just need to head towards Shif Island with your vehicle from Sadra Road. If your starting point for traveling to this island is Tehran, there are other options such as land, air, and rail travel that you can choose the most suitable option considering your travel conditions. On this trip, you should first go to Bushehr, then to the port of Bushehr, and then towards Sadra Road. The distance between Shif Island and Bushehr City is only 12 kilometers.Shif Island

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The best season to travel to Shif Island

As we mentioned, Shif Island is located in southern Iran, which has a warm and humid climate, especially in the first six months of the year! Then, if you don’t have a good relationship with hot and humid weather, you should never travel to this region in the spring and summer. But the best time to travel to Shif Island will be the second six months of the year or the autumn and winter seasons.

During this period, the weather is cool, and there is no sign of the exhausting heat of spring and especially summer in this area. Moreover, the atmosphere over the Persian Gulf is calm, and traveling by boat is considered one of the most enjoyable, safe, and attractive activities in the southern part of the country during this time of the year. Also, if you travel from Bushehr to Shi in the second six months of the year, due to the good weather, you have the opportunity to visit other attractions and sights of Bushehr on your trip.


Attractions of Shif Island

Shif Island is a small island with unique features located near Bushehr. This island has an area of ​​approximately 10 to 14 square kilometers, of which about one square kilometer is allocated to residential areas. Therefore, there are no historical attractions due to the presence of old and traditional buildings on the island, but there is no need to worry because there are fascinating places and points in the vicinity of the island that can encourage you to travel to Shif Island and create the best moments for you. In the following, we will examine the attractions of this island together.

Shif Island

-Witnessing the most mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset

The first attraction and activity that you can experience not only on this island but also in all coastal areas of the Persian Gulf is watching the sunrise and sunset. Observing this scene in Shif Island has a different atmosphere due to the secluded nature of the area and the absence of air pollution, noise pollution, and light pollution at night, and it is a different experience from other points in this region. Seeing old boats peacefully and friendly settling next to each other, which have witnessed the sun sinking into the water or rising from the heart of the Persian Gulf for years, can be the most pristine view you have ever seen of sunrise and sunset with your own eyes.

The beach of this island is considered one of the most pristine beaches in the Persian Gulf and one of the most unique places to enjoy the warmth of the sand, swimming, and sunbathing. However, we request that if you visit this area and the golden beach of Shif Island, please adhere to its rich culture and complete your trip without leaving any traces such as littering on the beach. Depart from the island leaving no trace behind.


The bustling fish market of Shif Island

The next attraction that will undoubtedly captivate you is the fish market on this island. As we mentioned, the main activity of the island’s residents revolves around the sea and the Persian Gulf. This area is considered a very rich and abundant source of seafood products. In this market, you will see different fishermen engaged in their activities, which can be a unique and unforgettable experience for you. However, this market is completely distinct and somewhat more special compared to other markets in the southern part of the country. The fish market of this island is located in the northern region of the famous Shif Island dock, and you will mostly see fishermen selling their daily catch in this market.

Shif Island

Best accommodations on Shif Island

If you intend to travel to Shif Island, it is important to know how you can experience a comfortable journey to this island. Unfortunately, Shif Island does not have any specific hotels or accommodations. The closest accommodations and hotels to this island are all located in the city of Bushehr. However, it should be noted that the residents of the island can also provide eco-lodges for travelers. But the best hotels in Bushehr for accommodation include:

– 2-star Yas Apartment Hotel

– 2-star Pasargad Apartment Hotel

– 2-star Pedare man Apartment Hotel

– 2-star Farhang Hotel

– 2-star Parvaz Hotel

– 2-star Daryakenar Hotel

– 3-star Nakoo Hotel

– 3-star Delvar Jahangardi Hotel

– 3-star Plus Hotel

– 5-star Nakhl Kangan Hotel

All of these hotels are ready to welcome tourists and guests of the island with the best facilities.

Shif Island

Final words

This short travelogue is prepared to provide a comprehensive and concise guide to traveling to the sandy and beautiful Shif Island near Bushehr. However, places like Shif Island are not scarce in our country, Iran, and it only takes the determination to travel to an unspoiled destination. Then you can discover the most attractive points before going abroad, right here in our own country. Nonetheless, we still recommend that when visiting any point in our country, especially its pristine, green, and extraordinary nature, you should leave the smallest footprint possible and then depart from there.



  1. Where is Shif Island located in Iran?

Shif Island is located in the Persian Gulf, near the city of Bushehr in southwestern Iran.


  1. How can I reach Shif Island?

A: To reach this Island, you can take a boat or ferry from the port of Bushehr. The journey usually takes around 30 minutes to reach the island.


  1. What are the attractions and activities on Shif Island?

Shif Island is known for its pristine sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the beaches. The island also offers opportunities for fishing and boat tours around the Persian Gulf.


  1. Are there accommodations available on Shif Island?

No, this Island does not have specific hotels or accommodations. The closest options are in the city of Bushehr, where you can find various hotels and guesthouses to stay in during your visit to the island.


  1. Is there any local culture or traditions to be aware of on Shif Island?

Yes, this Island has a rich local culture influenced by the coastal communities in the region. It is recommended to respect the local customs and traditions while visiting. Additionally, it is important to adhere to environmental preservation practices and leave no trace behind when exploring the island.

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