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Sooha Lake, the diamond of Namin Mountains

Sooha Lake

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Sooha Lake

Sooha Lake is located in Ardabil Province and is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in this region. The lake is situated along the dense forests of Gilan and extends to the border of Ardabil. Due to its moderate and cool climate in the summer, this area is a popular destination for tourists. Nature photographers and water sports enthusiasts also visit this remarkable attraction. Sooha Lake is relatively small in size and its water is used to meet the needs of the local villages. The name “Sooha” means water in Turkish, and that’s why the lake and the village were named accordingly.

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Sooha Lake at a Glance

Sooha Lake is one of the enchanting natural landscapes near the city of Namin in Ardabil Province. It is named after the Sooha Dam, which is used for agricultural irrigation and livestock farming. The lake has become one of the popular tourist destinations in the region due to its beauty and pristine nature found in its surroundings.

Sooha Lake is approximately one and a half kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. Its water is still, making it unsuitable for swimming. However, other recreational facilities around the lake can be enjoyed. For example, near the lake, you can see the wild horses of the region. Additionally, in spring, the scattered clouds and the scent of chamomile trees await you, making this experience even more memorable.

On one side of the lake, a beautiful forest catches the eye, covered with trees and becoming an attractive landscape for photographers. On the other side, there are beautiful hills and the path to Laton Waterfall. Overall, Sooha Lake, with its natural diversity and beautiful landscapes found in its surroundings, is a peaceful and captivating destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts.


Access to Sooha Lake

Sooha Lake is one of the notable attractions around Ardabil. To visit this lake, you need to travel to the city of Ardabil first. Then, take the Ardabil-Beris road to the city of Niaragh. In Niaragh, follow the signs and continue towards the village of Sooha in Namin County.

After reaching the village of Sohā, to access the lake, you need to take a roughly four-kilometer dirt road towards the northeast of the village. This dirt road is easily passable, and after passing through it, you will reach the beautifSooha Lakeul Sooha Lake.


Recreational Activities at Sooha Lake

Sooha Lake offers a range of recreational activities for visitors. Let’s explore some of the exciting activities you can enjoy in this area.

Boating: Due to the calm waters of the lake, boating is a delightful activity. Boating in this beautiful area will provide you with amazing moments that will be cherished in your memories.

Photography: Make sure to carry a camera with you when traveling to Sooha Lake. The stunning and picturesque nature of this area offers an excellent opportunity to capture lovely images and create lasting memories.

Day Camping: Around Sooha Lake, you can enjoy camping and immersing yourself in the surrounding nature. Many tourists find pleasure in camping in this area and make use of the beautiful landscapes and serene environment.

Fishing: An interesting aspect of this lake is fishing. Sooha Lake is the habitat of rainbow trout, which is known for its delicious taste. However, fishing in this lake is not easy as fishing is prohibited during the breeding season to protect the fish population.

In general, the recreational activities at the lake include boating, photography, camping, and fishing. By participating in these activities, you can make the most of the beauty and delights of this area, creating an exciting and memorable journey.


Best Time to Visit Sooha Lake

Ardabil is located in the northwest of Iran and is known for its pristine nature and abundant attractions that attract many visitors. Sooha Lake, situated near the city of Ardabil, is one of the main attractions in this region.

The best season to travel to Ardabil and visit Sooha Lake is summer. The cool and pleasant weather in Ardabil during summer allows travelers to enjoy the natural beauty of the area without worrying about cold or snowfall. Additionally, spring is also a favorable season as the ice melts, making the visit more appealing.

Sooha Lake

Nearby Lake Residence

Unfortunately, camping around Lake Sooha is not safe due to the presence of wild animals. Lake Sooha is highly attractive for camping due to its beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather, but the presence of wolves, bears, and snakes around the lake poses risks for campers. Additionally, the lack of amenities such as food and water can be problematic for staying in the area.

It is better to reserve accommodation in a nearby city like Namin or Ardabil instead of camping around the lake. In these cities, you can easily choose the best hotel, villa, or lodging that ensures your safety and comfort.


Facilities at Lake Sooha

Basic amenities such as drinking water and restroom facilities are provided around Lake Sooha. However, mobile network coverage is still weak. Other facilities in the area include local vendors who sometimes offer their products in the region. Additionally, in the village of Sooha, you can purchase daily necessities such as groceries. Overall, despite its beautiful and natural environment, Lake Sooha still lacks sufficient facilities for visitors and requires further infrastructure development.


Attractions near Lake Sooha

Some of the most attractive attractions near Lake Sooha include

1. Fandoghloo Forest

Undoubtedly, one of the most fascinating attractions near Lake Sooha is Fandoghloo Forest. The Fandoghloo Forest in Ardabil, with an area of approximately 16,000 hectares, is among the natural and beautiful forests of Iran. This area is located in Namin County, Ardabil Province, and is famous for its abundance of hazelnut trees.

The best way to explore this beautiful forest is by walking along its scenic trails. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Fandoghloo Forest. During these seasons, the Chamomile Flower Festival is also held in this area, providing an extraordinary experience for nature and flower enthusiasts. In this festival, you can enjoy the fields full of chamomile flowers and also observe or purchase local handicrafts of Ardabil, such as kilims and jajims.Sooha Lake

Fandoghloo Forest in Ardabil, with its mesmerizing biodiversity and natural landscapes, is a highly popular tourist destination. It is an exceptional destination for nature lovers, hiking, enjoying beautiful landscapes, and finding tranquility in nature.


2. Laton Waterfall

Laton Waterfall, one of the natural and beautiful attractions in Gilan Province, Iran, offers a unique experience to visitors. Despite its grandeur and beauty, this waterfall is relatively less known.

Laton Waterfall is located near the village and Lake Sooha and is known as the largest waterfall in Iran. To access this waterfall, you need to pass through mountainous and challenging routes, and usually, you will need a guide or a map.

Despite the difficulty of the path, when you stand in front of this magnificent waterfall, all the tiredness fades away. The beauty and grandeur of Laton Waterfall are more prominent in early spring due to abundant rainfall. Furthermore, in early autumn, when the area is covered with autumn leaves, the waterfall exhibits unique colors and beauty.


3. Espinas Peak

Espinas Historical Castle is another tourist attraction in the Lake Sooha region. This castle is located 17 kilometers away from Lavandevil City and is built on the highest peak of Mount Espinas. From the top of the castle, you can enjoy beautiful and pleasant surrounding landscapes.

Espinas Castle dates back to the pre-Islamic era in this region and was used as a fire temple in the past. This castle is also known as “Shindan” or “Sandan” and is constructed using stone and mortar. The beautiful design of the castle, along with the surrounding vegetation, adds a special beauty and charm to it.

Reaching the historical Espinas Castle is easier through the city of Astara, but the route through Ardabil and the village of Sooha attracts more attention due to its beautiful and scenic views. Additionally, the Laton Waterfall originates from Mount Espinas. The historical Espinas Castle is a must-visit destination for travelers and tourists interested in the history and culture of the region.

Sooha Lake

4. Moghan Plain

Moghan Plain is one of the most beautiful regions in Iran. This vast plain is located near the city of Ardabil and is significantly green and lush due to its moderate climate. The majority of the surface of this plain is covered with plants, fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, and beautiful meadows.

The pleasant nature and fertile soil of this area have earned Moghan Plain the nickname “Everlasting Spring of Iran.” Visitors to Lake Sooha can also experience the green and beautiful landscapes of this plain. This vast and pristine plain has attracted the attention of many tourists due to its natural beauty.

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5. Kuteh Komeh Village

Kuteh Komeh Village is another tourist destination in Ardabil Province, located about nine kilometers southwest of Lake Sooha. This village is only a few kilometers away from the tall and beautiful Laton Waterfall. The traditional life of the people in Kuteh Komeh Village is very charming and worth exploring.

Here, tourists can become acquainted with the daily life of the villagers and the rich rural culture. Visitors can visit the livestock farms, gardens, and surrounding agricultural fields and enjoy the unique culture of this region. The beauty of the natural landscapes surrounding the village has made Kuteh Komeh a recognized tourist attraction in the province.


6. Heyran Strait

Hiran Strait is considered one of the scenic landscapes in the Astara region. This strait is an important communication route between the cities of Astara and Ardabil. This area is mostly covered with fog and clouds throughout the year, hence the name “Heyran” (bewildering).Sooha Lake

The beautiful view of snow-capped mountains and swirling clouds has given a delightful ambiance to this strait. Additionally, the untouched and beautiful nature surrounding Heyran Strait has made it a popular tourist destination. Alongside its beautiful nature, the local culture is also one of the prominent attractions of this area.


Final words

Lake Sooha is located in Ardabil Province and is considered one of the natural and tourist attractions of this region. This lake, with its breathtaking nature and beautiful landscapes surrounding it, attracts many tourists every year. In the summer season, the southern part of the lake, with its cool and pleasant weather, becomes a popular destination for the people of Ardabil and tourists. The calm and clear water of the lake provides an excellent opportunity for water sports enthusiasts. The natural scenery around Lake Sooha is also very beautiful and worth seeing. The green mountains covered with trees around the lake create a peaceful scene.

This place is also very attractive for wildlife photographers as they can capture various birds and other animals that live in this area in their pictures. In general, Lake Sooha with its beautiful nature, scenic views, and tranquil atmosphere is an attractive destination for tourists and nature lovers.



1- Where is Lake Sooha located?

Lake Sooha is located in Ardabil Province, Iran.


2- What makes Sooha lake a popular tourist destination?

Lake Sooha is popular among tourists due to its stunning natural beauty, serene surroundings, and pleasant weather. The calm and clear waters of the lake also provide opportunities for water sports activities.


3- Are there any recreational activities available at Sooha lake?

Yes, visitors to Lake Sooha can engage in various recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking. The lake’s tranquil atmosphere and scenic landscapes make it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.


4- Is Lake Sooha a suitable place for wildlife enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Sooha lake attracts wildlife enthusiasts and photographers due to its diverse ecosystem and abundant birdlife. Visitors can capture captivating images of various bird species and other animals that inhabit the area.


5- Are there any nearby attractions or landmarks to explore around Lake Sooha?

Yes, there are several attractions in the vicinity of Lake Sooha. Some notable places to explore include Espinas Castle, Kuteh Komeh Village, Moghan Plain, and Heyran Strait. These sites offer unique cultural experiences, scenic landscapes, and historical significance for visitors to discover.

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