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24 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey

by Parastoo Sahebi
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A bridge between old Asia and modern Europe, and a host to the fine Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, Turkey is a pleasant symphony to be heard. Looking for a reason to visit Turkey? Stay tuned.

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1. Food

Turkey is a paradise for those who are in love with meat. Different kinds of Kebabs, besides a variety of dazzling foods such as Doner, Kofte, and Iskandar Lahmacun, Kebab, mostly made of meat, have made Turkish cuisine world famous.

On the other hand, there are fabulous, mouth-watering Turkish desserts and delights, like Baklava, Halva, Kanafeh, and Sekerpareh, which are unbelievably delicious.

21 Delicious Turkish Dishes


2. Beaches

Undoubtedly the beauty of Turkish beaches like Antalya, Alanya, Oludeniz, Bodrum, Kuşadası, and Marmaris is incomparable with any other beaches in the region. Tourists from all over the world choose one of these magnificent beaches to spend their vacation on.

Imagine how wonderfully vacations can be spent on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, experiencing some of the best cuisines anyone can dream of.

Beaches Turkey

3. Cappadocia

An unearthly landscape of the mountainous region in central Turkey, together with hundreds of hot air balloons up in the air has made Cappadocia a unique place in the world. In addition to the stunning experience of riding balloons and natural landscapes, there are various cave hotels you can stay in, as well as some impressive historical sights.

Cappadocia is a must-see location. Make sure you will make room for it in your plans when you are going to visit Turkey.


4. Bosphorus

A boundary between Asia and Europe, a bridge between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and one of the busiest waterways in the world, Bosphorous hosts some of the best nightlife venues in the world.

Having a brilliant view of the city and its skyline, together with ferry rides in the pleasant weather of Istanbul will form an unforgettable romantic memory of the time you decided to visit Turkey.


5. Bazaars

Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest shopping markets in the world, with around 60 covered streets and more than 3,000 shops inside. Although it is one of the most popular attractions with 600,000 visitors daily, there are also some other labyrinthine bazaars you should pay definitely pay a visit to during your time in Turkey. These bazaars offer something more than souvenirs to buy, they show the essence of old Turkey as well as its beauty.

6. Cats

Whether you are a cat person or not, the amazing Turk cats of Istanbul will put a smile on your face. Do you remember Tombili, the globally famous cat, whose photos reclining on the pavement went viral?

Turkish people are kind toward cats, so there are a lot of them all around the country, living their own daily life right beside people. Wherever in the country you go, you see cats enjoying their lives in the cat-loving country of Turkey.

7. Mosques and Palaces

The dazzling architecture of the Ottoman Empire is another reason to visit Turkey and can be easily found while walking on the streets, the likes of Blue Mosque, The Hagia Sofia, and Suleymaniye Mosque show the Islamic side, while the palaces like Topkapi and Dolmabahce reflect the royal aspect of the arts. Spend some time in these magnificent places during your visit to Turkey and feel the beauty flowing inside each and every one of them.

8. Tea and Baklava

The favorite dessert of Turkey, which is made of filo layers filled with almond and pistachio, and sweetened by honey or syrup, is something you must taste. It is a pastry with different shapes and sizes often served with tea which can be found easily in every corner of the cities in Turkey. This delicious dessert can also be served with ice cream in local cafés.

9. Prices

Turkey is a budget-friendly destination as a budget of $50 to $75 per day suffices to guarantee a quality visit to Turkey. The foods and desserts, although very delicious, are remarkably cheap compared to the other travel destinations. So are clothes and cosmetics.

Public transportation is so affordable that you can travel all around the country without being afraid to break the bank, meanwhile, the cheap prices of hotels and hostels are a great help for travelers as well.

10. World-Class Ski Slopes

Although it is well known for its popular beaches, the numerous mountains of Turkey are home to various low-price winter sports resorts which are attracting lots of fans every year. Visit Turkey and enjoy some of the most affordable world-class ski slopes in the world.

11. Istanbul

The former capital of the Byzantine Empire is now one of the most popular cities in the world. With a fabulous combination of history and modernism, and equipped with numerous attractions, it can satisfy every desire a tourist may have.

Streets rich in beauty, and an atmosphere that can be experienced nowhere else in the world. Istanbul is a city you probably need to put first when you plan a visit to Turkey in order to get the real feel of the urban side of the country.


12. Weather

The vast land of Turkey makes sure there are plenty of things to do and lots of things to see every day. Although it is a little cold in winter, you can still enjoy skiing on one of the various beautiful slopes of the country, while some miles away there are people enjoying their beach volleyball in pleasantly warm weather.

13. Marmaris Marina

Marmaris Marina is home to luxury yachts and is a perfect destination for travelers who want to have a good time with good restaurants, great shopping malls, and beautiful beaches and pools. Just like the rest of the city’s coastline, Marmaris Marina is lined with bustling restaurants that host travelers who have come to eat or drink guava by the beach.

It’s easy to find a reasonably priced restaurant in the marina when you visit Turkey and you can spend an hour enjoying the gentle sea breeze for a reasonable fee. The price of yachts is also reasonable and you can opt to spend the whole day in the sea.

14. Dalyan Nehri

Swim in the Dalyan Nehri, or take a boat tour to visit the famous carved tombs around the mountains. From the river, you can watch wildlife including herons, and geese. Enjoy watching the beautiful river by riding a boat and visiting the Turtle Beach. This area is considered one of the historical areas of Marmaris and the Turkish government protects it well.

15. Sedir Island

Sedir Island, which is also known as Cleopatra Island, is another reason why you should visit Turkey. This is a small island in Gokova Bay. This island is famous for its shell beaches. It is said that this organic sand was brought to this area from the Red Sea by ship. Each grain of this sand is perfectly round, which is why this beach is heavily protected by the government to prevent tourists from taking this sand.

According to a legend, Antony and Cleopatra swam here and the sand was brought to this beach by ship from North Africa. It is said that this type of sand can only be found in Egypt.

16. Bodrum Maritime Museum

Bodrum Maritime Museum is a museum for those who want to know more about a culture by discovering the history of a place. This museum is located in the city center of Bodrum in Turkey and is only 5 minutes away from Bodrum Castle. The Maritime Museum of Bodrum is about the history of shipbuilding and sailing, and in the other part, there is an exhibition of shells, corals, starfish and stones, and beautiful objects found in the sea. Another part is dedicated to the history of fishing and the type of boats that were used for fishing.

17. Aqualand

Aqualand water center can be placed at the top of many people’s list of the most popular water parks in Asia and is certainly another reason to visit Turkey. Perfect landscaping of the park, various water sports, complete facilities, and Turkish restaurants and all kinds of fast food are gathered so that you and your fellow travelers can remember a day full of excitement and happiness.

18. Buyuk Menderes National Park

If you want to visit the most important sights of Turkey during your trip to the country, Kusadasi and Buyuk Menderes National Park are places you should pay a visit to. Some of the attractions of the place include sandy beaches, Mediterranean green trees, and a holy place from the 8th century.

19. Karaca Cave

Definitely, on your trip to Kusadasi, after exploring the parks and unique nature of this city, you should make time for an adventure in the heart of its history and nature. Karaca Cave is a place that can occupy your mind for hours with its spectacular attractions when you visit Turkey.

20. Agora of Smyrna

Agora of Smyrna is one of Turkey’s sights and Izmir’s ancient monuments, which are more than 2,000 years old. This building, which was on the Silk Road in the past, seems to have been used as a market. The most attractive aspect of this market is the water channel that has been passing through it since ancient times.

21. Galata Tower

Galata Tower and its surroundings, which is one of the must-see places in Istanbul is another reason to visit Turkey. Walk around the streets and alleys as much as you want to and be delighted to see the beautiful art stores. Galata, with a life of 700 years and a height of 67 meters, was built during the Eastern Roman Empire and has been the tallest building in the region for a long time.

Galata Tower

22. Prince Islands

If you are looking for more peace and relaxation, go to one of the Prince Islands. Prince includes 9 small and big islands and it takes about an hour from Istanbul to get there. Out of these 9 islands, it is possible to visit only 4 islands, Buyuk Ada, Burgaz Ada, Hibley Ada, and Kinali Ada. Buyuk Ada is the largest and most popular among all these islands.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on these islands, and you can peacefully enjoy nature as well as the very impressive buildings and villas built in European style.

23. Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle or Trabzon Walls is located in the center of this city and is considered one of the oldest works left from the Roman Empire. This place is certainly another reason why you should visit Turkey. The castle wall and the back wall of the building have been used as a military site. The history of this complex dates back to the Byzantine era, when these walls divided the city into three parts: upper, middle, and lower, and the upper city was the capital.

Parts of this wall are still standing and surround the ancient part of the city. In fact, only the northern part of the fort near the coastal highway has been destroyed.

24. Soumela Monastery

Soumela Monastery in Trabzon, Turkey is one of the most historic Christian monasteries in the world. This monastery is built on top of the rocks with the name of Zigana and is also known as the Holy Mary. This monastery is located at an altitude of 1200 meters and 45 km from the city of Trabzon, Turkey. The buildings of this monastery include a rock church, students’ room, kitchen, guest room, library, and a fountain that is used to collect mountain water.

Soumela Monastery was damaged several times and rebuilt by different emperors. During the Ottoman Empire and by Sultan Mahmud, laws were established to protect it.

Final Word

There are countless places to visit in Turkey. The variety of tourist attractions in this country is so great that you will need months or even years to be able to see and enjoy each and every one of them. In this guide, we gave you 24 reasons to visit Turkey.

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